Katarzina Figora: The first Polish sex bomb

Vigora graduated from the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw, from which she graduated in 1985. She made her screen debut while studying as Laura in Jacek Koprowich’s film “Destiny” (1983).

As a student, we also saw her in a cameo role in Wojciech Jerzy Has’s Personal Diary of a Sinner (1985). However, her first major role in the movie was once in “Ga, ga. Glory to heroes” by Peter Zulkin from 1986.

She is well remembered for the role of the beautiful Rosicka in the Jerzy Groza fairy tale “The Ring and the Rose” (1986) and Radoslav Pyovarsky’s comedy “Train to Hollywood”, where she played Merlin Waflick – a girl who dreams of becoming a movie star.

Billy Wilder’s Half a Joke, Half Seriously movie she watched as a child made an unforgettable impression on her and that’s why she dreams of acting in his films. Unfortunately, messages addressed to him remained unanswered. Instead of working as a movie star, she serves a buffet on the train and works as a movie showgirl. For this role, Figora received the Golden Duck award from the monthly readers of the “Movie”.

After the screening of “Train to Hollywood” at the Miami International Film Festival, “Playboy” came to her and offered her $ 34,000 for the course. The actress, based on the persuasion of her colleagues and the agent, agreed, but … she was not able to cope with this strange offer, although very tempting, and returned to Poland in a hurry.

“I was so scared of it! I grew up in such circumstances and no other… I know today it’s hard to believe, but it was almost 30 years ago. It was hard for me to rise to the occasion, fully accepting sex And the fact that I am an actress ”- admitted Vigora in the program“ Demakijaż ”.

Since then, Vigora has become one of the greatest stars of Polish cinema. They were naïve women, fascinated by the eroticism and affirmation of their sexuality, as in Julius Macholsky’s “Kingzajs” (1987). The role of the “super blonde” in the movie “Porno” by Marek Kotersky cemented Kasia Figura’s image as the first sex bombshell and made her even more famous.

These roles brought the actress great appreciation from the audience. After her successes in Poland, Vigora decided to try her luck in Hollywood. Among the foreign productions in which the actress participated there, among others, episodes in the films of American director Robert Altman – “The Player” (1992) and “Brett a Porter” (1994) and in the two television productions “The Deadly Past” (1993) and “Memoirs” The Red Shoes (1993), the Spanish movie “Estacion Central” (1989), the French movie: “Near Mrs.” (1990), “The Washing Machine” (1992), “Le joueur d’echecs” (1994) and the series “Navarro”.

In 1990, the actress began working with director Andrei Kondratyuk (pictured), appearing in his films “Milky Way” and in the films “Spindle of Time” (1995) and “Sunny Clock” (1997). Then she starred in “Self-Portrait with a Mistress” (1996) by Radosław Piwowarski, in “Stories of Love” (1997) by Jerzy Stuhr and in “Kiler” (1997) by Juliusz Machulski. She also appeared in Janusz Zaorski’s Happy New York (1997), Janusz Majewski’s Gold of Deserters (1998), and Marek Koterski’s Ajlaw (1999).

1997 was a particularly difficult year for her as a woman and actress. The star lived her thirty-fifth birthday a lot, and her Hollywood career did not develop as she would have liked. This is the reason why Jersey Store’s proposal to star in his movie “Love Stories” fell like heaven. After spending a few years in Los Angeles, the actress realized that great roles await her only in Poland.

“Professional, it wasn’t that bad. I started making films in Poland again: ‘Kiler’, ‘Happy New York’. (…) But as a woman I was involved in it” – she said in a 2004 interview to Gala per month.

The fact that the actress is visiting Poland more and more again made her popular in the country, but also kept her away from the “Hollywood plan”. “I was losing my position in Hollywood, the fact that casting directors, directors and producers know me,” the actress said. But the big roles did not come. “At the time, I was shooting The Devil’s Advocate with Al Pacino, and I was pretty close, but Charlize Theron won in the end,” Figora admitted.

One of the characters who changed the image of actress Halina Iwank in the 2003 film Ryszard Brylski “Żurek”. This number has created a very touching role for a teenage mother who does not want to reveal the secret of who is the father of her newborn child. The actress received a number of awards for this role, including. 2004 Polish Eagle Film Award 2003. “I guess I wasn’t brave enough to accept this role as a director that cast me in. Perhaps I was already bored of being attractive and beautiful?” – The actress spoke after Gdynia’s show “Shork”.

In “Ubu Król” (2004) by Piotr Szulkin, the character appeared alongside Jan Peszek. For the role of Ubica, she received, among other things, the Golden Lion Award for Best Female Role at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

In “Yuma” (2012) by Piotr Mularuk, Vigura played Halinka, the boss of a border brothel that rocks the neighborhood. And the director recalled a case in which the actress went beyond the framework of the script: “Casia Vigora in the solarium scene took off her corset herself, because she thought it necessary.” He added: “If the actors are smart, if they believe in the project, then the rank of the film is different. From the beginning, the role of Halinka was written with Katarzina Figora in mind.

“I love acting like such a challenge!” – said the actress excitedly. “Not only am I a brunette, but I also look like a ‘breed’ character! Almost like Alexis — the star laughed.

Like every actress, Catarzina Figora also played roles that are not befitting her talent. It is likely that both the star and his fans will forget about his appearance in the comedy “Integration Departure” (2011).

In the film “Ladies Dulskie” (2015) directed by Filip Bajon, the character played by Vigura appeared throughout the film – from a child to an old woman. “There was a great curiosity inside of me. I asked my makeup artist to do meticulous work and age my face by walking on my natural shadows and wrinkles. This created a new face, which I discovered with curiosity. I don’t know if I’ll look like this in many years. But I know other actresses won’t necessarily let With something like that ”- said the actress.

She gave her last movie role in “Girls from Dubai”.

The script was powerful, and although some people worked on it, it evolved during production. We were sticking to the skeleton, she said, but it was great to have room for improvisation Catarzina Figura In an interview with Interia at the movie premiere Dubai girls.

– The subject is inevitably linked to sex and prostitution, and there was a danger that it might be exaggerated or exaggerated. It was a step over the edge. But on the other hand, it was a challenge – added the actress.

– I like hard things. I play a pimp, a badly damaged woman. The inspiration was Al Pacino – he was supposed to be an evil man, that is, cruel, strong, brutal, without compromise. At some point, my personality got worse with women than with any of the worst men. This account shows how women can treat other women, Vigura explains.

In January, Catarzina Figura was named “Wprost” 30th Anniversary Man in the Culture category. “In these difficult times, culture and art is the place where we can meet, find and understand. I wanted to dedicate this award to a great artist. Barbara CraftonaWho passed away yesterday, ”- said Catarzina Figora, while receiving the award.

“Barbara was an extraordinary actress who represented our art for many years, not only in Poland, but also abroad. I had the opportunity to work with Barbara in the dramatic theater in performances directed by Paweł Miśkiewicz” Peer Gynt. Sketches from drama by Henrik Ibsen and “Alice”. It was an extraordinary work, in addition, everything that Barbara created was wonderful and emphasized the importance of culture and art for us ”- added Figura.

Soon we’ll see the figure in the lead role in Jacob Skocic’s debut, “Chrzciny.” The heroine played before Catarzina Figura It’s Mariana, a fervent Catholic who decides to use the family ceremony – the christening of the youngest grandchild – to reconcile her children who have been quarreling for years. General Jaruzelsky, who declared martial law that day, would unexpectedly prevent her from doing so. Wishing to end family reconciliation, Mariana decided to hide the truth about the situation in the country from her children. This seemingly small lie will lead to a torrent of unexpected events that are difficult to stop.

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