Karolina Nadolska broke the Polish half-marathon record

The half marathon in Poznan, Kenya was won by 37-year-old Tabitha Gethiya with a race record of 1:09:02. The runner-up so far was Karolina Nadolska, who broke the Polish half-marathon record with a time of 1:09:18. Izabela Paszkiewicz took third place with a life record of 1:10:13 – this is the third result in the Polish historical tables.

40-year-old Nadolska improved the score, which belongs to Katarzyna Kowalska since 2016 (1:10:06). In 2017, Nadolska investigated Pozna at 1:09:54, which for regulatory reasons has not been certified as a Polish record.

Of the men, only 18-year-old Ethiopian Hussain Mohamed Issa won – the newcomer in the half-marathon broke the hourly limit and beat the record by nearly 2.5 minutes by 59:32. Second place among the runners by compatriot Issa, Ayana Giseleo Abeje – 59:39. Third, Kenyan Edmond Kippengetic (59:41) was also under an hour. The top pole was Camille Karboyak, who finished seventh at 1:04:00.


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