Kanye West has accused his recording company of publishing his album without his permission

Good His fans are delighted to finally be able to hear தொண்டா, After the much-anticipated album was postponed several times, Kanye West was not happy with its release without his approval.

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On Instagram, translator Strong Effectively pointing out that his plan had not been completed, Universal said it had released it without his approval.

“Universal released and released my album without my permission Prison2 [l’un des morceaux, NDLR] Of the record, ”he wrote.

However, sources within the registration agency said Variety These allegations are “gruesome”.

In addition, the producer தொண்டா Despite the rumors he said recently that he has not given up on the project.

Mike Dean actually insisted that the rapper’s new album production was not completely abandoned.

Kanye West recently moved to Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium, where he completed the much-anticipated new record. தொண்டா As a mark of respect to his mother, it was recently rumored that the work would be postponed by many due to a dispute between the artist and his producer.

That being said, Mike said on his social media that he was still involved in the project and had no intention of deviating from it.

“I didn’t give up,” he said online. “The album continues. Lal. People think more of tweets. Lal.”

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