Kamesky and Beek attacked after the match in Germany.  They were pushed and stripped of 'Beca Nothing'

in Saturday 1/32 matches of the German Cup final were played. We saw some surprises early in the competition. Bayer Leverkusen and 1. FC Köln were eliminated because they couldn’t deal with lower ranked competitors. He won promotion to the next round, among other things, via VfL WolfsburgWho confronted him away from Carl Zeiss Jenna.

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Jakub Kaminski and Bartosz Piacek attacked after the match in the German Cup. ‘They were pushed, insulted and even spit’

team from Bundesliga She has been struggling for a long time with the team that plays in the fourth league in Germany. Wolfsburg Only in overtime, he scored a 1-0 goal, giving him a promotion win. From the 65th minute on the field we can watch Jacob KaminskyThat changed Jonas Elevator. The Polish showed his good side and was close to scoring, but the opponent’s goalkeeper stood in his way. our second representative, Bartosh BiachikWatch the whole match from the bench.

Spaniards assessed Lewandowski. Quote from Paulo Coelho. Unfortunately

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– It wasn’t easy, we win 1-0. We played in the fourth league and they put us in really tough conditions. It is important that we move on to the next round. This is our first Game. I’m glad I got a chance too, I even had the chance to score a goal in the second contact. failed in. I definitely gave the team a positive incentive and in a week we will be playing in the Bundesliga – Kaminski said in an interview with Łączy nas football.

unfortunately after match Our compatriots faced an unpleasant situation. Kamiński and Białek find themselves in the group of Wolfsburg players who are attacked by locals fanswhen they left stadium They walked towards the bus. According to German media, the organization of the event failed in this case. football players They were in no way protected or separated from the troublemakers. They can attack without any problems.

The Sport1.de portal states that Polish peopleAs well as Bavao Pervan, Kevin Paredes and Bartol Vranjic, “they were pressured, insulted and even spit on.” Reportedly, Pervan suffered the most severe damage and was beaten. The players took refuge in the club until they were escorted by the police.

“I personally did not see anything. Those responsible will certainly be punished accordingly,” he told a news conference. Fitness Trainer Wolfsburg Niko Kovac. The Carl Zeiss Jena club has already announced that it will investigate the case.

Karim BenzemaBenzema already 2, Lewandowski 0. Real won with Juventus

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