Kaczyńskis amassed a fortune for his appearance in the film.  They were not polite in the group

  • The Kaczynski brothers signed up for the movie “About Two Who Stole the Moon” by their uncle. The twins on the set allegedly loved mischief and caused a lot of trouble to the production team
  • The Kaczyńskis for their participation in the film earned multiples of the average monthly salary
  • The premiere of the picture was held on November 12, 1962, and the film was very popular in Poland
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Movie About two who stole the moon Despite the passage of time it is still very popular among young and old viewers alike. in In the sixties it was a movie success, and the main roles in it Yaroslav And the Why Katczynski They became little stars on the big screen overnight. They did not seize the opportunity and did not connect their future with cinematography. Years later, they turned their strides toward politics, and in their adult lives were somewhat reluctant to remember their time on a movie set. For the twins who were 12 years old, working on a movie was a great adventure.

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Years later, both are limited to short memories of that period. Other people involved in the production spoke willingly of Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński’s work on the set of a popular film. Among them was, among others the actor Marek KondratWho said directly in an interview for “Duży Format”:

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The truth about Kaczyńskis’ work in “The Two Who Stole the Moon”

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