April 1, 2023


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Justin Bieber behaved differently and planted Hailey on the red carpet after the Oscars

While confirming that the two lovers are a couple with solid foundations, what we deserve after the Oscars is a completely different scene.


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We were treated to several photos of Hailey Bieber looking classy at the Oscars after party. Vanity Fair. The model marched alone towards the large doors of the living room.


Her husband, Justin, wanted to flee the photographers and joined Hailey in the living room through the back door. Justin’s gesture made her moody.

Wrapped in a knitted blanket and wearing a backwards hat, Justin was photographed snuggling inside.After the party, Although he was by no means in the spirit of the party.

The guest of the prestigious evening told reporters that the singer’s behavior was strange and he seemed to be in pain. However, it is not known if the public feud between his wife and his ex was the reason.

Later in the evening, Justin still pointed to a photo of the couple, a drink in hand and always accompanied by his blanket.

He wrote “Me and my date” with a heart. He reaffirms his love for Hayley on a trip to an island paradise.

While things seem to be back to normal for the couple after the storm, we can’t help but wonder about Justin’s condition!

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