Just Not You (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [UIP].  Much ado about nothing

Bea and Ben met each other the first time they met, but an unfortunate misunderstanding means they now can't stand each other in the same room. This may be an issue since they are invited to the wedding itself far away in Australia.

The world in romantic comedies is (almost) always an alternate version of reality, where everyone is well-off, young and beautiful, and organizing a wedding on another continent, with a party on a yacht and a private outdoor ceremony is by no means inferior. problem. Maybe from time to time we could make a comedy about how she works as a waitress for 15 hours, and he rots in the office and they can't get along for most of the movie because they're constantly tired, and in the end they give up. Promote them so they can stop living in a constant state of depression and suddenly realize that this is what has always attracted them to each other? There will be more than just comedy romantic, But also a criticism of today's job market. I don't know, I would watch it.

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However, it must be admitted that Ilana Wolpert and Will Gluck (who is also the film's director) responsible for the script provided more than the bare minimum. The story “Not You” is basically a very loose adaptation of the famous Shakespearean comedy “Much Ado About Nothing.” The general concept is right, from time to time filmmakers treat us with quotes from the original film – either in the form of text on the wall/sand or dialogues put into the characters' mouths. I admit it's a bit weird mixing an English poet with jokes about sex and showing ass and such, but damn…it has its own charm.

Just Not You (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [UIP]. To force someone to fall in love

Overall, I'm not a fan of romantic comedies. I think it's all done on one foot, and it rarely surprises the viewer with anything new or fresh in any way. However, this may have something to do with the fact that I usually go to shows alone – but someone has to stay there with the baby – so perhaps I'm simply lacking proper context. But even though I watched today's movie with my wife, I prefer to think that the creators did their best and made a really good, funny movie that's worth giving it a chance. If he had a choice, I don't understand why the distributor thought it would be better to release “Madame Web” on Valentine's Day instead of this.

In terms of plot, as is usually the case with romantic comedies, you can tell yourself the rest of the movie after about 10 to 15 minutes. Bea (Sydney Sweeney) and Ben (Glen Powell) meet by pure chance in a café. He saves her from surgery, and she accidentally invites him on a date, and they spend a beautiful day together that turns into a night. But after a moment, they both witness a complete misunderstanding that causes their mutual warm feelings for each other to completely disappear. And this might be the end of the story, if not for the fact that Bea's sister and Ben's friend are about to get married. Both are invited for obvious reasons. Feeling like they will ruin the entire wedding, family and friends decide to force them to bury the hatchet against their will.

Just Not You (2023) – Review and opinion about the movie [UIP]. Cute couple – not just for the eye


The core of every film of this type is the characters. If you think they could fall in love with each other, you'll believe all the bullshit surrounding them. Of course, it also helps to make a funny comedy, but in the end it's all about the chemistry of the main characters. I'm happy to report that Powell and Sweeney really look great on screen. I've seen complaints from viewers who don't understand what to like here, because the main characters don't seem to like each other at all. Well, that's exactly what the plot of the movie is about! They are supposed to hate each other and gradually fall in love with each other. And in the scenes where their characters despise each other, and in those when they finally begin to understand their feelings for each other, they are both most convincing. But what is important is that in these scenes between them, they act as if their mutual hatred is nothing but a thin cloak with real feelings underneath. From start to finish, I had no problem buying into what their current relationship looks like and how it continues to evolve.

Sydney Sweeney showed last year that she can act, but she needs the right director. In “Reality” she played off a range of emotions, from slight amusement to complete despair, but here she either didn't have the right outlet or simply didn't want to, as her Bea is as artificial as can be. Sure, she's pretty great in the physical and humorous scenes, but that's because the situation itself is funny, not because the actress is so great. The worst part is that after watching “Reality” I knew she could act, so this is simply bad direction. Her co-stars are a little better, so I don't know how much of it was the director's vision and how much of it was her talent, but the final impression is often one of amateur viewing. Praise for that goes to rapper Gatta and the actor who played the bride's stepfather, whose name I can't find right now. It's a great art to be a bad actor when you can actually act – just as I will never stop praising the late Anya Przybylska for her role in Super Production. However, the film's best player remains Joe Davidson, an indigenous Australian, who plays one of the continent's indigenous people, who looks like one of the Hemsworth brothers, but is completely unaware of or uninterested in it. The guy is funny and I screamed with laughter as his wet, bare ass was hugged by Glen Powell.

What I didn't like was practically the entire third act of the movie. Not only is the whole situation far-fetched, it's crazy to talk about things that definitely cause a stir but should never happen (explained later, but that doesn't explain why anyone would believe them when they happen). ) -Then some things still happened, even though she wasn't properly prepared. The director simply wanted a happy ending for everyone, regardless of whether it made sense or not. In my opinion, this doesn't spoil the reception of the entire film, but it clearly diminishes its eventual reception.

“Just Not You” is in many ways a very generic comedy. We completely understand where the story is going, there's no ambitious camera work or soundtrack – which is mainly vanilla, but catchy – but Gluck's film has soul. I had a really good time at the show, as I exploded loudly and probably made other viewers laugh over and over again. Nowadays, few romantic comedies can produce such an effect, so I can only recommend watching – especially if you have someone to keep company. I regularly watch much worse movies.

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