Jupiter.  The planet collided with a space object.  There is a recording

He didn’t know at first that he recorded the moment of the collision

Jose Luis Pereira caught a white streak on the surface of the largest planet in the solar system. The accident occurred on Monday, September 13. The image, taken by an amateur astronomer, shows a cosmic rocky trail in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

– I’m a constant watcher. When Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars collide, I try to take pictures of them whenever I get the chance. Especially Jupiter, which is my favorite planet, Pereira said in an interview with Space.com.

On Sunday and Monday, Pereira published her equipment to photograph Jupiter and take a closer look and collect more recordings for the DeTeCT program, which aims to try to describe the effects on the giant planet. In the end, he scored 25 films, and noticed a white glow on the first of them. However, he did not pay her much attention and continued to record. Later he went to sleep.

He did not verify the results of the observations until Tuesday morning. The high probability of a collision was also reported. Pereira sent a report to Marc Delcroix of the French Astronomical Society, who confirmed that the Brazilian recorded the moment of the collision. – It’s a wonderful event for me. Pereira admitted, I’ve been waiting for years to catch this phenomenon. The moment of impact can be seen in the following video:

Jupiter is hit frequently

Jupiter orbits near the main asteroid belt and also has a strong gravitational force. For this reason, it often collides with various space objects. In July 1994, fragments of the shattered comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter, and eight similar events have since been captured by observers.

The 1994 impact gave researchers material to explore the planet in greater depth. In the case of the phenomenon noted by Pereira, this is unlikely to be possible. “The object may have been too small to reach a deeper atmosphere,” astrophotographer Damien Beach wrote on Twitter.

Source: space.com

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