Jupiter is closest to Earth in 59 years.  This is what Gdynia looked like...

It has been a long time since there were good conditions for observing Jupiter. On the night of September 25, the gas giant cut 590 million kilometers from the EarthWhich became a good opportunity to make astronomical observations. It has been used by many astronomy enthusiasts, resulting in a deluge of intriguing astronomical images. As it appeared among them Photo taken by Piotr Janucewicz from Gdynia.

despite Jupiter is a planet with a diameter of more than 139 thousand. kilometers, it occupies only a small part of the sky when viewed from Earth. The closest approach to Earth has never been astonishingly greater. However, it was necessary to observe its details Use the astronomical telescope.

I used a SkyWatcher 150/750 telescope on a HEQ5 Pro mount which is equipped with straps that increase the smoothness of driving behind the body. To photograph Jupiter, I used a ZWO ASI1600mc sensitive camera and Barlow dual lens. – Piotr reports for geekweek.pl

The set of devices is formed in this way, Immortalized Piotr Janucewicz Buyer Image Lots of great details. You can see it among other things Distinctive lines of clouds, which in some places look a bit jagged. In addition, it attracts attention Io, which then passed in front of the gas giant,.

It seems that a closer look at the photo allows this Distinguish at least three small white ovals formed by rising clouds in the atmosphere of Jupiter. s.Creating such an image in Poland is not the easiest task. The turbulence in the Earth’s atmosphere is annoying, constantly distorting the image of distant objects.

Atmospheric stability is very important in astrophotography. Sometimes it can’t be helped, but there are ways to reduce its negative impact. It is enough to use a high-speed planetary camera that allows you to capture moments when the air does not interfere with the image of Jupiter. They make up about 10-15% of the entire substance and they make up the final image. – says Piotr Janucewicz.

As you can see, creating such an image does not require NASA technology. It can be done by any lover of astronomy with the right equipment. However, the adventure does not end with the equipment. I still need to get a suitable one Computer software and the ability to use it.

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