Juno Awards: 3 nominations for Rêve and Banx and Ranx

A year after Charlotte Corden’s win, it’s the turn of singer Rave and the Punks and Ranks duo to carry the hopes of Quebec artists at the Juno 2023 Awards.

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These rising stars of the pop dance scene have won three citations for Canada’s Music Day on March 13 in Edmonton.

Montrealer Briana Donolo’s artist name Rave competes with Avril Lavigne, Shawn Mendes and The Weeknd for the People’s Choice Juno.

“I’ve been dreaming of a moment like this for a long time,” said the 27-year-old artist. record, After the big announcement.

The 2014 sensation who became a viral sensation following her performance of the national anthem at the Bell Center is also in the running for the Artist of the Year category, during her win. CTRL+ALT+DELIt’s approaching 40 million streams on Spotify, earning her a spot among the Juno contenders for Dance Record of the Year.

“I hope Montreal will be proud of me,” said Rave, who hopes to release his debut album by the end of 2023.

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Montreal producer duo Bonks and Ronks, Rave’s collaborator on several songs. CTRL+ALT+DELIt also received three citations, including one in the prestigious Song of the Year category Flowers need rain, with Preston Pablo. They look to the Junos for team breakthrough and record of the year.

Banks and Ranks Jodi, Zachary

Photo courtesy of Kevin Millett, Universal Music Canada

Punks and Ranks was created by the duo Zachary “Choke” Raymond and Yannick “KNYFactory” Rastogi.

Punks and Ranks and Rave will host a show with Preston Pablo later in the evening.

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Nevertheless, with the category being elevated this year, it will be interesting to see who wins the Juno for French album. Past winners include Daniel Belanger (Wednesday in May) and compliments (accident) runs along with Aryan Roy (Medium pleasure), Hubert Lenoir (Pictura de IPSE: Live Music) and Lisa LeBlanc (Chic disco)

Other Quebec artists include Jean-Michel Blais (instrumental album), Gaydranata (movement, rap song) and Voivode (metal album). Despite allegations of sexual misconduct against lead singer Win Butler, Arcade Fire can still hope to get their hands on Juno Group of the Year.

In total, artists born or working in Quebec received more than forty citations. Last year, Charlotte Gardin won four Juno Awards.

The Weeknd, Juno Awards 2023 Most Cited

Photo Archives, AFP

The Weeknd, Juno Awards 2023 Most Cited

Unsurprisingly, international star The Weeknd dominates the 2023 nominations with six, thanks to the success of his album Dawn FM. Avril Lavigne and Tate McRae follow with five citations.

Major types

Artist of the Year

  • April Lavigne
  • Lauren Spencer Smith
  • Michael Bubble
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Weekend

Album of the year

  • Who hurt you?Ali asked
  • Love ChucksAvril Lavigne
  • Demons guarded by angelsNAV
  • I thought I could flyTate McRae
  • Dawn FMWeekend

Song of the year

  • Tick ​​meAvril Lavigne
  • Flowers need rainPreston Pablo and the punks and ranks
  • When you goShawn Mendes
  • She is who I want to beTate McRae
  • SacrificeWeekend

Audience Choice

  • April Lavigne
  • Lauren Spencer Smith
  • Mackenzie Porter
  • Preston Pablo
  • the dream
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Tate McRae
  • Reclas
  • Weekend
  • Tyler Shaw

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