Jump today.  Raw Air 2023 in Lillehammer.  Live coverage and results

Six Polish players will start in the World Cup competitions on Tuesday in Lillehammer, which will start at 16.10. Kamil Stoch, who will fight for the fourth victory of his career in Lisgardsbacken, was the best qualifier. Coverage and live results on Poslatsport.pl.

Monday’s qualifier was won by Norwegian Halvor Egner Granrod. Stoch finished sixth. Dawid Kubacki is 12th, Pawe Wąsek 26th, Aleksander Zniszczol 31st, Piotr Żyła 38th and Jakub Wolny 40th.

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Granerud is the leader of the Raw Air tournament, with competitions and introductions in Oslo, Lillehammer and Vikersund. Norwegian 904.5 points. Austrian Stefan Kraft occupies the following positions – 901.8 points, Slovenian Anze Lanisek – 889.6 points and Kobacki – 876.2 points.

Lysgaardsbakken in Lillehammer is one of the favorite ski jumps of Stoch, who has triumphed here three times: in 2016, 2018 and 2020.

Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer has won six competitions and has been on the podium eight times. The established record belongs to the Swiss Simon Ammann, who jumped here on December 6, 2009 with a distance of 146 m. ​​In the same competition, Schlierenzauer jumped 150.5 m, but he did not stop this attempt.

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An excellent jump for the Slovakian Zig Jelar. He reached 132.5 meters and is a new leader.

Marius Lindvik, having jumped 121.5 meters, can be sure of the split in the second round.

Daniel Andre Tandy ranks sixth with a jump of 125.5 metres.

Domen Prevc landed half a meter from the design point. Slovenian is the sixth.

Robert Johansson scored 126.5 n, while the German came fourth so far.

The fatal jump of Loferro Cossa, who landed at 95 metres,

Another German landed. Thanks to the test at a distance of 126.5 meters, he took second place.

German Stefan Leigh rose to a height of 116 meters. It may not be in the second series.

German Philip Raymond landed at a height of 121.5 m.

Naoki Nakamura landed at an altitude of 118 meters,

Clemens Egner has reached 113 meters and is now 11th.

A turbulent jump from Christopher Eriksen Sundal. The Norwegian jumped 116.5.

DESCHWANDEN Gregor Deschwanden can only be happy with himself. The Swiss, after a jump of 129.5m, are the leaders.

Italian Giovanni Bresadola landed 104 metres.

Another pole landed at a distance of 1 meter – Pawe Wąsek.

Aleksander Znisezol did not reach point K. After a jump of 121.5m, he was ranked third.

Ante Aalto landed a height of 119 metres, which put him in sixth place.

114.5m won by Vladimir Zografsky. Bulgaria is currently eighth.

As the second jumper, Nico Chupahu crossed point K. The Finn landed at 126 metres.

Alex Insam jumped only 105m, and he can only dream of reaching the second round.

Mackenzie Boyd-Close scored 120 metres. This attempt puts him in fourth place.

It wasn’t a good jump for Yukiya Sato. The Japanese landed at an altitude of 103.5 m.

Nice try Justin Liseau. The German rose to 132 meters.

Artti Aigro from Estonia reached a height of 117.5m,

Four-time Olympic champion Simone Ammann jumped as far as his predecessor. The Swiss are in third place.

Rok Masle reached 120 metres. This is the competition’s longest jump to date.

Compatriot Junichiro Kobayashi jumped half a meter closer.

Keiichi Sato of Japan reached 114.5m.

Maximilian Steiner jumped the furthest yet. Thanks to the attempt at 119 metres, he was ranked No. 1.

Andrew Orlup has problems in the air. The American jumped only 97 meters.

Killian Pierre is unhappy with his attempt. The Swiss achieved only 109m.

Our first delegate, Jacob Wollney, jumped 113.5m and led the pack.

Remo Imhoff from Switzerland reached 107 metres, his second so far.

Italy’s Francesco Ciccone performed less well, landing 101 metres.

Starting Wednesday’s competition in Lillehammer, Ito Nousiainen, the Finn, jumped 113.5m.

Strong winds prevent the start of the competition scheduled for 16:10. For this reason, the competition has been postponed to 16:30.

The organizers ensure that the first series will start as planned. The first transit is scheduled to appear on the beam at 16:10.

Trials series scheduled for 15:10 has been cancelled. The judges’ decision was dictated by bad weather. The wind is very strong since morning at Lysgårdsbakken in Lillehammer.

Good morning! Welcome to the live coverage ahead of the Ski Jumping World Cup in Lillehammer.

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