jump.  Four Hills Championship.  Adam Małysz talks about the situation in the team

  • In recent weeks, Adam Macys has been expressing his criticism of our ski jumping team
  • After all, he is the ski jump manager of the Polish Ski Association and the situation has become very troublesome. How do coaches view his words?
  • “I don’t know. I come to Innsbruck, but I don’t see much sympathy. But I also don’t see their discontent with me” – said Małysz
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In Innsbruck, on his favorite hill, Camille Stoch had to rebuild himself. Meanwhile, the staff leader has not been promoted to the competition. Our champion is in a deep hole, and was on the podium at Clingenthal three weeks ago. The magic of jumping?

– On the one hand, the jumps are like that, but on the other hand, we know what happened with Camille in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I came to the 4-Hills-Tournament on Sunday and the coaches told me they put a full. He was supposed to be happy and feel what the problem was. Unfortunately it was not visible on the hill. We’ll see what the coaches decide now. We, as the Polish Ski Association, issued our opinion. Kamel just needs some quiet training now. He needs to do some steady jumps.

Was it possible to take a day off at 4-Hills-Tournament, like Stefan Kraft, and go to training in nearby Seefeld?

– Maybe so. It’s hard to say if those few hops will do anything. I think more jumps are needed for him. You have to jump into the technique and feel what you need, i.e. the correct access position that allows you to use it in flight. We can see that Camille is getting very tired. I’m not surprised he feels lost. He also says he hopes coaches know what’s going on. The staff seemed to know, but the hill did check it out.

I’ve also had a crisis a few times. Coaches need to know what’s going on, but the player must feel that, too?

– The contestant must first of all feel what he wants to do next. Whether you want to jump or run a competition and go to training. Only this training is not for one day, but for several days. He should jump enough to get tired. Only when he feels all right should he come back. It’s just that the coach plays a big role in all of this. He has to shake his hand and say it has to be like this. Not always everything can be settled amicably. Sometimes it comes in handy with a decent bastard. First of all, however, you must have a plan.

When you got to the hole, did you loot on the hill as much as you could?

Yes, but those were different times. In that time, we walked more on our feet. So you should have been in better shape. It is definitely impossible to improve something with three or four training jumps. First you need to find out the reason for the weaker jumps. Then you have to eliminate them and then install good jumps. Recently some of our jumpers went to Ramsau and did 16 jumps there over the course of a few days. I did a lot in Ramsau in one day.

I’m done stroking your side. She started saying it as it is. Does it look crooked in the frame?

– I do not know. I’ve come to Innsbruck, but I don’t see much sympathy. But I also don’t see their anger at me. From the beginning, I told them that we are colleagues, but I am also their boss and I have to express my opinion. If I say a few times to get them to think things through, but you don’t get through, the only message is to talk to the media. I am not ashamed of it and do not withdraw from any of my statements.

Are you thinking of accepting club coaches for the team?

People from the outside see mistakes more easily. Nobody in the framework wants to do anything wrong. Everyone is trying their best, but maybe you just need to open up a bit and help yourself. In other countries, club coaches are involved in employee training. I feel sorry for these guys because none of them want to jump wrong. We, as a Guild, would like to see some plans from the coaches. There is still over a month left until the Olympics. It’s a long time. There is much room for improvement. I am the best example of this myself.

In Innsbruck – Speak by Thomass Kalimba, Onet Sport

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