June 7, 2023


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jump. Adam Moais angry after the decisions of the jury in Zakopane! He couldn’t stand the sight

– IM angry. We are at home, someone is shooting jumpers. And now this: Kamel sits on the beam for about 40 seconds. It was clear that the wind allows the jump, Camille is pulled down. Then the green light comes on. The situation was similar with David. He climbs up the beam, suffers horrific conditions and is released. This can not be! I am very angry, although I am glad that Dawid finished second, but I am angry because of this situation – said Adam Maais.

Although the pole certainly advanced after the first round, in the final of the competition each player started in very different conditions. Suffice it to say that Granrod managed to land 141 meters, and Kobacki’s distance was only 124. Adam Maesz did not hide his grudge against the decision of Borek Sedlak, who is responsible for issuing permission for jumps in certain circumstances.