Julie Snyder believes in her new dating

Julie Snyder Believed At Elizabeth LeBeau-Boyle For that Showbizz.net As part of an interview. Effect, The host opened About his new association.

Here is what he said about the person he is currently dating: He is not an artist. But he can be identified by his name […] I met him through my work “, He told Elizabeth LeBeau-Boyle.

He is not an artist. But you can tell by his name. “

Later, he told a story about the beginning of their relationship: ” On December 23, he came to have dinner with us. We had dinner at home at my small kitchen counter. We see each other for the last time before going into our Christmas business separately. This is the second time we have had dinner together. On December 24th, I had to take my 75-year-old aunt with us for dinner. I say to Thomas: “I know we do not have a cowboy, but we’re going to take one more test because Aunt Helene is coming”. We go to the pharmacy for a test. Both were tested. The next day I have to call my date. I tell him: “I do not know how to tell you this, but I have a coward and my son too”. To him, his father underwent heart surgery. But, since we had a distance of 2 meters, he did not get it. So it can be said that it delays the relationship “.

Julie Snyder further told reporters that she was very upset after her separation and wanted to take her time in her new relationship.

Note that it was only last February that Julie Snyder rocked the show’s set Week of 4 Julies She shared that she has a new dating.

I have a “date” that is very recent. He wants to take his time. Because I told him: “If you’ve in a hurry, I will run on the treadmill four times a week; leave immediately!” », She mentioned.

Then she said a little shyly: “We kiss “.

My date and I passed our tests [de dépistage ITSS]. I’m hot there! It could have ended with my date saying, “You’re talking about me on TV.” And my date sees all my shows Julie Snyder added.

After many difficult trials, the facilitator deserves happiness and love. About that, he revealed about his mental health, still on his show, part of the day Bell talk.

I know I sweat happiness. I’m in a good mood on the treadmill every night, I always feel a great deal of positive emotion when it appears in the air in front of you, and it is often said that my energy is contagious […] But since this is a special day, I want to show the other side of my little coin “, She said.

His testimony inspired hundreds of spectators across Quebec.

On our side, we can not wait to find out who is the mysterious man who creates the heartbeat of Julie Snyder!

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