Journalist Michelle Coudé-Lord has died

Michelle Coudé-Lord has been a journalist for 35 years Montreal Journal, Died on June 13 at the age of 68.

Michelle Coudé-Lord took her first steps magazine In September 1978, she was 22 years old. At the time, she was one of the few women in the newsroom.

She covered general news, current affairs and the health industry for several years before moving to arts and entertainment in 2003.

For culture pages magazineMichelle Coudé-Lord attended the launch of Céline Dion’s residency show in Las Vegas in March 2003 and the success of Denys Arcand and his film. Barbarian invasionsAt the Oscars in February 2004.

He wrote extensively on the world of Quebec television before being promoted to Director of Arts and Entertainment in 2006.

He held this position until 2013 before he left Newspaper Fight disease.

“Michelle was a journalist who was very passionate about her work and her subjects. Later as head of the programs department, she played a key role in the direction our newspaper should go,” testified Danny Doucet, editor-in-chief of the magazine. Montreal Journal.

Michelle Coudé-Lord leaves to mourn her husband, Sylvain, her son, Louis-David, her brothers and her sister, Richard (Alain), Line (Mario), Marc (Nadine), Bruno and Eric.

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