Josie Boudrault Back On Radio?: “No, It's Not”

Those still hoping to see Josie Boudrault return behind the radio station microphone will have to mourn.

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“I'm in a different place now,” Josie Boudrault replied with her good humor, delighted by the conferences she hosts today with her partner, Louis-Philippe Rivard.

M due to two strokesme After Boudreault retired from the media world in 2016 and 2017, the duo presented more than 500 conferences on, among other things, resilience, well-being and couple relationships.

“We do our thing, we have fun, we don't put any pressure on ourselves; it's incredible,” she said happily, accompanying her partner for an interview. Newspaper.

The two lovebirds have published several books together, including three volumes Be your best friendA book about self-love that is the focus of the conferences they currently offer.

Although nostalgic as he looks back on his years spent in the studio, Mme Boudreault didn't miss the pressure and uncertainty that came with this life.

“It's a competitive environment; one bad survey can cost you the deal,” explains Mr. Rivard, who sometimes takes it upon himself to speak on behalf of his girlfriend.

“I'm really glad I'm not here anymore and I don't feel like I'm fighting for my place,” affirms the main interested party.

Quebec humor in full health

Although they held different positions in the world of comedy during their careers – Mme Boudreault and Mr. Rivard writes – they say they are excited about the future of this medium.

For his part, the writer-author of about thirty years of experience notes with a laugh that we are only recently beginning to approach more subtle matters more comfortably.

“Discomfort is good for comedy,” says Mr. Reward. “It's not true that we can't say anything anymore, we have to wait for the right moment. Right now, we feel something funny coming; comedians are more and more daring, and I'm writing more fun.

For his part, Mme Boudreult is excited about the new female cop in the comedy world.

“I adore it! The girls are really nice, they're funny, they're not afraid,” she enthuses.

The couple is happy to see women in comedy moving away from clichés and each developing their own colors.

“Earlier women were expected to speak about women's issues. Women being themselves is beautiful to watch [sur scène] Do what they want,” said Mr. Reward says.

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