Joanna Sinkiewicz Zofia was 13th.  Why did she disappear?

  • Joanna Sinkiewicz was born on July 17, 1952 and graduated from the theater school in Warsaw
  • She debuted in the mid-1970s and devoted the early years of her career to acting in films
  • For a decade of appearing on the big screen, she has been noted as one of the actresses with the most number of strip scenes
  • Joanna Sinkiewicz starred in the series “13 Post”, which was not a breakthrough for her although after it aired, she returned to the profession for several years.
  • Currently, Joanna Sinkiewicz has not appeared in theater or in films for several years
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For some it was very funny, for others it was embarrassing and forced. Regardless of the rating, one thing is for sure: series “13 police station“It was a complete novelty in the Polish TV market. Maciej lesicki, who was behind this concept, wanted to smuggle into our land conventions that were well known abroad and celebrated great successes there. “The Thirteenth Station” had and still has many loyal fans who laughed and even laughed at the gags Heroes were, among others Cesare BazoraAnd the Marek PerebickoAnd the Alexandra WinniakAnd the Arcadius YakobekAnd the Pewter Zelt and Joanna Sinkevich.

In 1997, a new type of television comedy, sitcom, was introduced to Polish television, and this was reflected in “The Thirteenth Station”. It was a new thing, and it became very popular very quickly. Subsequent seasons and subsequent reboots made the actors recognizable and to this day, they sometimes can’t separate themselves from the character patch. Unless they aren’t quite as concerned with their opinions of them as they are Joanna Sinkiewicz, who played Policewoman Zofia.

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Joanna Senkevich. star nudity

A group of strange policemen at the station, where chaos, absurdity and sudden relationships reigned, became very close to Polish spectators.. Perhaps it was because the production at times showed the incompetence and distraction of the cops, their criminal adventures and their romance in the police station. For the actors it was an opportunity to prove themselves in a completely new kind of television and it must be admitted that they accomplished their mission with flying colors. “The Thirteenth Station” was a real success, and the actors who appeared in it gained great fame And … a patch that sometimes hurts at work.

Photo: Frame from “The Thirteenth Station”

13 police stations. Cesare Bazura and Alexandra Wignac

for example Piotr Zelt admitted that after the broadcast ended, he was unable to find a jobBecause it was related to Arnim. The same thing happened with Cezary Pazura and Aleksandra Woźniak, but not only did the main characters in the production have to reckon with being practically only related to “The Thirteenth Station”. This was also the case with Joanna Senkevich, from She played the policewoman Zofia. The policewoman she played wasn’t the most funYet viewers remembered him anyway. The problem is that Sienkiewicz actually only became Zofia from “Station 13,” which is very unfair to the actress.

For any reason? Joanna Sinkiewicz was born on July 17, 1952, and in 1976 she graduated from the theater school in Warsaw. On the stages of theaters in Warsaw, as well as in other cities, the young actress gained her professional experience. Already in 1975, she appeared in the movie “Doktor Judym”, although it was in a supporting role. For several seasons, the actress was faithful to the comedy scene, finally devoting herself to film roles. Joanna Sinkiewicz has appeared in such films as: “Konobelka”, “Pictures of Life”, “I’m a Butterfly or a 40-Year-Old Romance”, “Point of View” and “Sikirisada”.

Joanna Senkiewicz has often been compared or put in one line with greats like Catarzina Figura And the Maria Probus. In addition to the workshop undoubtedly, The actress has also shown many times that she is not afraid of bold scenes. She has a record number of nude scenes. Joanna Sinkiewicz considered one of the most seductive of them, as well as those who do not hesitate to present their charms to viewers. However, after a decade in Polish cinema, Joanna Sinkiewicz disappeared. She stopped acting in films for a while, and also did not appear in the theater.

Joanna Senkevich. “The Thirteenth Station” with the second acting life

After 10 years, Joanna Sienkiewicz is back in business. First, she starred in the production of “Summoning” to that time To be in the cast of the sitcom “Outpost 13”. Two years was enough for the actress to reappear in viewers’ mindsWho, however, did not remember her past achievements. For them, it was the policewoman Zofia, who, together with other policemen, tried to tame chaos and delight all the public.

Joanna Senkevich and Marek Perebecko W "last 13"

Photo: You Tube

Joanna Senkevich and Marek Perebicko in “Station 13”

Over the next several years, the actress appeared in films and serials, always playing the role of an expressive and assertive woman. Joanna Sinkiewicz we can watch, among others in the movie “The First Million”, “The Yellow Ribbon”, freak day“,” We are all Christ “,” On the cat’s paw And the in a series “For good and evil“,”Magda M.and “Kryminalni,” “Nanny,” “Crazy Virgins Club,” and “Father Matthew. Anyway, this latest production is also the actress’s last television episode.

After 2014, Joanna Senkevich disappeared from the world of films, series and theater. Her social media activity is only incidental. She used to promote animal adoption campaigns on a regular basis. Joanna Sinkiewicz practically avoided the media throughout her career. In vain to search for interviews with her, she did not participate in any star programs. Ba! Even the gossip press was not interested in her life. As if the actress wanted it to be thought only of in a professional context.

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