Jinshin Effect: Correction 2.7 is delayed.  The first slips from miHoYo studios

I bring bad news to fans of the game Jinshin effect. studio miHoYo I know that patch 2.7 will stay Released later than planned. when Exactly? We don’t know this yet. The developer has promised to provide a specific date as soon as possible. Players can also expect a small compensation for this downturn and an updated game development plan.

It is worth mentioning that Really The first such situation since the first show Jinshin effect For PC, PS4, and Android/iOS mobile devices, held on September 28, 2020. For nineteen months, the developer released new updates every six weeks. Therefore, it is difficult to say how it will behave at the first landslide.

The new patch usually appears right after the end of the last available banner. Everything indicates that “patch” 2.7 will go to Jinshin effect May 11 – The last day the Ayaki flag is active.

It might be the reason for the delay The last siege of Shanghai – Where miHoYo studio is located – due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We don’t know much about update 2.7 itself. As usual, you can find spoilers online – including part of the new patch trailer – but only some of them Playable characters will be introduced Jinshin effect In the late “correction”. They will be a skilled five-star archer yelling And Koki Shinobu – A four star warrior who uses Electro and Sword.

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