Jimmy Kimmel made fun of Donald Trump at the end of the Oscars

Minutes before the 96th Academy Awards ended, host Jimmy Kimmel mocked former US President Donald Trump on stage at the Dolby Theatre.

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As the final statue of the evening was about to be awarded, the host announced to the public that he would like to read a review of his work during the evening published online.

That's when he started reading Donald Trump's entire output on the Truth social network. In it, former president and current Republican nominee Jimmy Kimmel calls the Oscars the “worst host” ever.

“His opening monologue deserves a deputy trying so hard to be the one he is not and never will be,” Trump wrote.

The latter called the Oscars a boring and unfair ceremony, demanding that the awards be given to “those who deserve it” to “bring the ratings back from the depths”.

The politician ends his message with the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Jimmy Kimmel, who never named the author of the message, asked members of the public to “guess which former president wrote these lines on the Truth Social,” prompting cheers from the crowd.

The host ended by thanking Donald Trump for listening to the gala, though was surprised that the ceremony was not broadcast beyond the former president's prison curfew, citing several lawsuits filed against Trump.

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