Jimmy Greaves is dead!  He passed away on the London derby.  "To say he was a legend is to say nothing" Football

Jimmy Greaves was born in 1940 in London and started his career at the age of 15 Chelsea. First, he was a player in the youth teams, and in 1957 he made his debut in the first team. Interestingly enough, he debuted against spursWhich later became one of the most important clubs in his career.

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play greaves in Chelsea Four seasons in which he played 169 matches and scored 132 goals. It’s 7. calendar The club’s history of Stamford Bridge. Only Peter Osgood (150), Roy Bentley (150) have scored more goals for him, Didier Drogba (164), Keri Dixon (193), Bobby Tambling (202) i Frank Lampard (211).

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Jimmy Greaves is dead

After leaving from Chelsea Graves went to AC MilanFrom which he moved to Tottenham. There the striker became a legend. During his nine years with the North London club, Greaves made 379 appearances, scoring 266 goals. This is the best result in Tottenham history. Graves’ achievements are followed by striker and club captain – Harry Kane. The Englishman has 223 goals so far.

Along with Tottenham, Graves won the FA Cup twice and also won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1963. However, his biggest success came three years later. In 1966, Graves became the world champion, winning the only title in their history with the English.

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Graves played in all the group stage matches with Uruguay, Mexico and France, but in the last one he suffered a serious leg injury, which required 14 stitches. The striker lost his place in the squad and although he is healthy and could play in the final, coach Alf Ramsey did not give him a chance.

As reported by the English media, Graves left Sunday morning at his home. The striker died on the day of the match between Tottenham and Chelsea, the clubs with which he was particularly close.

Jimmy Greaves is dead! He passed away on the London derby. “To say it was a legend is not to say anything” – commented Polish columnist, Tottenham fan, Michal Okwenski.

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