Jill Cote: Escaped sexual harassment

Writer Jill Côté, who escaped sexual abuse by author Michel Brûlé in 2014, returned Wednesday evening to discuss the results of the investigation against them and the death of her attacker on the show Denise Lewesk.

Read more: The death of Michel Brûlé has been officially confirmed by the DPCP

On Tuesday, the Director of Criminal Procedure (DPCP) Michel Brûlé announced that he had received official confirmation of the death. His untimely death in Brazil on May 13 sparked much ink in Quebec as the man waited to learn the sentence handed down to him in the case.

The study of the bicycle accident was finally accepted as the official cause of his death.

“I want justice, I don’t want a man to die,” Jill Cote said.

“I realized he was dead, and I’m a little more shocked. But now, I’m moving on to another stage in my life,” Ms. Cote explained to Denise Lewescu.

“In this case, what hurt me the most was the testimony he gave in court that I agreed to kiss him and that I accepted his massages. All these months before sentencing and waiting for the verdict I felt like I was being taken for a prostitute. The public is going to think I am doing this to appear so. I had the idea, but it was very real, ”Ms. Cote said.

In 2014, he invited writer Michael Proul for his writing project. He admits that it was positively challenged by the latter publication, which he considered to be in line with its philosophy. The woman trusted the publisher and firmly believed he could revive his work.

The latter makes an appointment with him at home. After that Ms. Kotte went there, not suspecting anything. That evening, however, Michel Brûlé made inappropriate gestures, and Ms. Touched and sexually assaulted Côté.

“I was hunted down,” Jill Cote said. “This is an attack on my dreams,” he added.

“The consequences of sexual assault are very important [dans la vie des victimes]. I left home in 2016, with my husband and my children for the past 24 years. I set out on my own to renew myself and heal myself […], But I’m still scared, I’m still marked by aggression, ”he said on Denise Lewescu’s show.

The survivor, however, admitted that he no longer considered himself a victim of Michael Bruley.

“I grew up in my life, in my head, in my heart. I grew up in everything. You are a victim, you may fall, but at some point you have to get up. I’m there. I’m back on my feet, it’s going to be the same challenge for the next few months. I know now. I have nothing else to fear, but it must be integrated. “

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