Jessica Chastain Is ‘A Little Embarrassed’ For Stumbling At The SAG Awards

Jessica Chastain felt “a little embarrassed” after missing out at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night.

The Oscar-winning actress tripped over her dress as she took the stage to collect her trophy for Best Actress in a Limited Series. George & Tommy.

Addressing People After her win, she admitted she was “a little embarrassed” by the fall, but Courtney B. Vans and Paul Mezcal were happy to help her up a few steps in her fuchsia Zuhair dress Murad. “I tripped on the stairs, but I had two handsome men help me up, so it wasn’t too bad,” she joked.

Getty Images via AFP

She also explained Entertainment tonight She pointed out that she got “stuck” in her dress and that if she spoke too quickly during her acceptance speech, her fumbling would cost her a few precious seconds of allotted time. “I walk up to the stage because I realize I’m going to be in trouble because my whole body is shaking and I start stumbling like, ‘Okay, I’m going to need help going up the stairs,'” she said. Approach Hollywood. But once on the stage, I saw the quick countdown of the exit time, I had to speak quickly, and I feel that I have forgotten some people … “

Jessica Chastain gave a motivational speech aimed at aspiring actors, based on words she received from the late Philip Seymour Hoffman early in her career.

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