Jessica Alba as John Wick?  It could be better, but it’s something to keep an eye on

On Friday, June 21, “Veteran” debuted on Netflix Jessica Alba Starring and directed by Indonesian film producer Muli Suriya. There is no shortage of amazing battles, epic weapons and explosions. The production is action-packed, and there will also be a mystery and gang fights. How did Jessica Alba handle this role? really good.

First of all, it should be noted that the production is not an outstanding work that will please fans of action cinema, but it must be admitted that I’m in a good state Find balance Between the fight scenes and the introduction of the heroine – Commando Parker.

Jessica Alba plays the heroine By day he’s a commando He performs external missions. He returns to his hometown when he learns of his father’s death, but from the beginning he feels that the tragic event did not happen naturally. She begins a private investigation and thus contacts her ex-boyfriend, now a mayor, as well as his influential father – Senator Swan and his second brother – the reckless Elvis.

It turns out that the situation gets complicated very quickly There is a gang operating in the city Dealing in stolen weapons. Will she be able to restore order?

It turns out that Alba’s heroine is truly a woman to be reckoned with, even though her opponents don’t fully appreciate her at first. It soon becomes clear that it was no coincidence that her father was proud of her.

The production is full of amazing fights that look good on screen. There are also epic moments like the heroine emerging from a burning building. Parker is a strong woman, although the film sometimes tries hard to convince the viewer of that. There was no explanation for the deep relationship between the commando and her father.

The action flows quickly and in general, the balance between battles and quiet investigation is well balanced, although sometimes we have the impression that something is missing to better understand the motivations of some characters. At times it resembles the aforementioned John WickWho will stop at nothing to take revenge on everyone who fell under his skin. Likewise, Commando Parker won’t stop until he solves the mystery of his father’s death and gets rid of the gang in his hometown.

As mentioned at the beginning, the production isn’t great, but it’s certainly not boring. Thanks to the exhilarating fight choreography, these scenes don’t drag on Jessica Alba seems to be enjoying her time on set. She’s convincing as a well-trained commando and it’s fun to watch how she deals with subsequent opponents.

It’s not a demanding film, however Beautiful action movieWhich is worth watching in the evening from the comfort of your home.


“Weteranka” (“Warning Trigger”), dir. Molly Soria, Distributor: Netflix, Premiere: June 21, 2024.

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