Jesse, the daughter of Patrick Howard, impresses the public when he goes on a tour of La

Patrick Hart was treated to a good and excellent visit Tower, It’s his daughter Jesse!

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If we ever see his son Nathan and his wife Anik Jean, we still have no right to have his eldest daughter settle down. The young woman was on her way to an event on International Women’s Day on Tuesday evening. When she arrived, her proud dad was so happy to welcome her!

The host invited his daughter and two other guest artists, Sophie Nellis and Alice Morale-Mychad, to the show, according to the theme of the show, but above all to speak to women.


At one point, it was a question of the standards imposed on women in society, and the expression of “double standards” applies on a daily basis to the extent to which men are asked and expected against women.

Actress Alice Morale-Mychad, the public wanted to follow her Blue timeThe first witness said, for women, no matter what decision is made, people will always have an opinion.

“If you have children, you will never reach the peak of your career. If you do not have children, you are very hardworking, it will not be seen as a good thing. If you have shapes and curves, not everyone will like it. If you do not, you will. She illustrated with examples.Remember that a few months ago that young woman also took a stand. Public opinion about his body image, On screen, developed in the view of the audience. His message echoed so much!


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Jesse, the daughter of Patrick Howard, immediately took Alice’s comments, noting that women are being pressured to have children, rather than asking when they should, and constantly asking them when they will get them.

“People take it for granted that women want to have a baby. It’s as if they know what our needs are. But if men, for example, say they do not want children, we will not sue. We will not ask any more questions.” You’re good! “We say the same things, but ladies:‘ Don’t wait, you can see. “Worse, I feel stressed about it,” he said.

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In the comments on Facebook after the show aired, there were plenty of internet users welcoming the match of the words of the three young women who were glowing, compassionate and brilliant.

Inevitably, many of the messages centered on Jesse’s presence, and he is rarely seen as normal, he impresses the audience with his eloquence, but also with the resemblance to his mother, Linda Lemay.

Until April 7, do not miss the latest episodes Tower From Monday to Thursday at 7pm, hosted by Patrick Huard on TVA VAT +.

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