June 8, 2023


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Jesse Eisenberg defends the role of Lex Luthor.  He will also be directing a film in Poland

Jesse Eisenberg defends the role of Lex Luthor. He will also be directing a film in Poland

Actor Jesse Eisenberg (“The Social Network” and “The Illusion”) spoke about the disappointment of fans’ reaction to the superhero show “Batman v Superman. Dawn of Justice”, in which he played Lex Luthor. The actor also announced that he intends to direct his next film in Poland.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor – This was his dream role

During the 28th Sarajevo Film Festival, after the screening of his film When You Finish Save the World (the premiere took place at this year’s Cannes Film Festival), the actor participated in a question-and-answer session with the audience. He said, inter alia, about how he hates “friends” (“No one talks that way, and besides, there are not six people who know each other, they look good and funny”) and a very difficult career start.

When it comes to talking about Lex Luthor, the actor admitted: “This is a very personal thing to me. Screenwriter Chris Terrio is a serious and sensitive guy. I think he thought very well of my version of Luthor. I also took a lot of time to do it. About her inner life. And then I played it and people hated me.”

When asked if he would play Luther again, the actor replied: “I would be shocked if someone offered me something like this. But it will be a positive shock. I’m not a fan of comic books, and it wasn’t the character I wanted to play since I was a kid. I treated it as interesting dramatic material, as an interesting guy. It was so much fun for me. I am not ashamed of this role. I think this is one of the roles she would show her children. I may not like this kind of movie, but I loved working on it. I’d like to make another superhero movie.”

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Eisenberg is going to make a movie in Poland

“Real Pain” is the title of the film that Eisenberg will be doing on the Vistula River. “This is a story about cousins ​​who, after years of separation, are coming back closer to each other. And all thanks to an emotional journey in the footsteps of a grandmother who survived the Holocaust. It will be the story of their lives, but also a story of contemporary problems, which we try to compare to the challenges that existed before To become previous generations, seem trivial and irrelevant.

Eisenberg himself plays Cousins ​​and “Succession” star Kieran Culkin. Eisenberg became a huge fan of his after starring with Kenneth Lonergan. He also claims that he never saw “Succession”, but his family convinced him that he should hire Culkin.

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