Jerzy Brzęczek close to working in Jagiellonia Białystok

There are more and more indications that Jerzy Brzczek will be back in training. The former national team coach was fired by Zbigniew Bońek, He was replaced by Paulo Sousa. Now he did very well during conversations with Jagiellonia Białystok – reports the portal “Sportowe Fakty”.

Brzęczek has been on vacation for about a year. Unofficially, the former Polish actor is said to have already spoken to “Duma Podlasie” about the details of the contracts. This is valid for one year, with the option of an extension on the club’s part.

Recently Ireneos Mamrut lost his job in Białystok. According to media reports, he was also supposed to try to become the coach of the “Gaga” team. Peter Nowakwho previously worked, among others, in Lechia Gdańsk. However, Brzęczek made a better impression in the conversations. The third candidate is Marcin Bruce.

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