Jeremy Suchan attacked from the air.  What an immersion, what a game

– Someone should start the matches, right? It’s not like we have veterans ready Toys Greg Popovich said before Monday’s game in Minneapolis. San Antonio reporters asked the Tottenham boss about 19-year-old rookie Jeremy Suchan’s consistently positioning in the top five, and one of the best pros in history. NBA “I thought it would be a good idea to throw him into the middle of the fire and see how he is,” he replied in his own fashion.

Keep this colorful comparison – the first three games in the NBA Susan He played with fire a little, and burned himself several times. He scored a total of nine points, missed several shots, and learned to respond defensively. But in the fourth match, he began to play the role of a firefighter, throwing hits at his opponents several times and positively setting his team on fire. The game against the Minnesota Timberwolves was, at times, a pole display.

Less than two minutes later, he already had four points – twice he found himself under the edge, where his teammates saw him, were two quick hits. After a minute, Susan flew much higher – in a quick counterattack, Trey Jones threw the ball to him over the basket, and the Polish representative threw it into the hoop from the air.

Spurs were ahead at the time 8:3, but they were gaining momentum, just like Sushan. In the middle of the first quarter, after the break for Popovic, the winger from no. Number 10 on the jersey played a nice single act – he walked from the ocean to the field for three seconds and hit with the right half-hook. The guests were leading at 16:10, and the rookie got half of the team’s points.

Confused by the quick and efficient game of the Timberwolves visitors, they only shook their heads as Spurs scored more points. After the first quarter it was 39:28 for basketball players from San Antonio, and in the second quarter their advantage was up to 20 points. After the actions of Sushan, who first won an objection and did another dash of air into the counter, then probably hit from a few meters away.

After these actions, they led Tottenham with a ratio of 54:34, and Susan already had 12 points. While playing well in defence, as he had to guard the tallest and strongest Karl Anthony Towns, but also – after switching cover – talented winger Anthony Edwards or quarterback D’Angelo Russell. You have done well against them all. He played faster and more aggressively than in previous games – here he collected the ball from under the nose of the great Rudy Gobert, and there he put on a powerful cover. It was clear that the successful start inflated Sushan with confidence.

“I saw Susan when he was 11 years old. I was moved”

Just like the entire Spurs squad – the hosts recovered a bit before the break and cut losses, but the third quarter was again a show for the guests. The San Antonio team defeated their opponent, winning this segment 36:14 and after 36 minutes they were leading 103:71.

And Sushan had a role in this impressive breakup – in the middle of the third quarter he made his third strike out of the air in this match, perhaps the most impressive. – My God! This little boy can’t be overturned! The commentator is excited when Susan puts the ball into the hoop after a pass from Keldon Johnson. – I thought it was a bad pass that the ball would come out. Sushan jumped up and grabbed her, and Sean Elliott, the former Tottenham Hotspur basketball player who served as an expert, wondered.

In the fourth quarter, Spurs relaxed with their big lead, and Timberwolves started to fight back. The hosts advanced by 16:0, in 108:89 for the San Antonio Popovitch team that arrived at Susan, who had been on the bench for a long time. Pole didn’t start well in this segment – he made his unnecessary fifth foul, after which Russell improved the host’s streak to 18:0. Johnson then hit a very important hat-trick for Spurs but the situation never calmed down.

In the final minutes, Spurs slowed down the movement to gain time, forcing the opponents to long shots to start a crazy chase, and both teams played nervously. In the end, the young Tottenham team, who was supposed to be one of the weakest in the pre-season predictions leaguehe won 115:106 and after four games he scored a surprisingly good 3-1 tally.

And Sochan can be happy with the team’s victories and brilliance. On Monday, he scored 14 points – taking seven out of nine shots of the match. He was flawless on both attempts – he scored three dunks, two minute throws from the basket, one from the entrance and one from the half distance, only missing twice. In addition, he had four rebounds, one assist, one interception, one loss, and five fouls. He played for 23 minutes, and was the team’s third top scorer – Devin Vassel (23) and Johnson (18) scored more points than Suchan, 14, and Jacob Boltel scored.

Tottenham plays the next match on Wednesday evening through Thursday polishing – Back to Minneapolis.

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