Jeremy Renner, Hawkeye from the MCU movies and series, says hello from rehab.  “Those more than 30 broken bones will heal…”
Jeremy Renner recovering from a serious accident on New Year’s morning. On his Instagram, the actor posted an entry thanking him for the support. He illustrated this with a picture of the exercises he does under the supervision of a physiotherapist.

Jeremy Renner has broken more than 30 bones. The actor greets fans from rehab

Morning exercise (…] Renner Books. I want to thank everyone for their messages and concern for my family and I… sending you so much love and appreciation. These 30+ broken bones will heal and strengthen as your love and bonding with family and friends deepens.

You can watch the full entry below:

Jeremy Renner accident. Case details

On New Year’s morning, Jeremy Renner was involved in a tragic accident while shoveling snow off the road to his ranch in Washoe County, Nevada. The actor was taken to hospital by helicopter, and his condition was described as “critical but stable.” The local sheriff’s office released more details about the case during yesterday’s press conference.

According to the authorities, a member of the Renner family, who was leaving his home, got stuck on a snow-covered road. The actor used the plow to help get the car out. He went out to talk to a relative, and then the machine, which weighed about 7 tons, began to roll. Mr. Renner tried to get back into the driver’s seat of the machine. At this point in the investigation we have determined that Mr. Renner was run over with a plow Sheriff Darren Balaam said.

A witness to the accident said he saw Renner enter the machine but did not see him inside as the plow stopped at a snowdrift in front of the actor’s driveway. Representatives from the mayor’s office said that the accident was a tragic accident, and that their investigation aimed to verify whether the machine used by the actor was faulty.

Sheriff Balaam also said that, contrary to media reports, there were no doctors at the scene. Several of his neighbors rushed to the aid of the seriously injured actor. I want to thank them for their quick response – He said.

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