February 2, 2023


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Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck's Response to a Fan's Invitation to a Bachelorette Party |  Benefit |  Celebrities |  USA |  நந்த ண்ணி |  People

Jennifer Lopez: Ben Affleck’s Response to a Fan’s Invitation to a Bachelorette Party | Benefit | Celebrities | USA | நந்த ண்ணி | People

Producer And Latin star and singer They are the couple of the moment. We saw her posing for the cameras for the first time together on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival last week. Now, , The protagonist of another romantic moment that caught the attention of many as the media couple became known for their love.

This happened when fans of the singer of Puerto Rican descent met Penn I was quietly waiting for the diva from the Franks When he worked in his old neighborhood: The Bronx, in New York.

திருவிதா | How much do you know about Jennifer Lopez?

In a viral video posted on Twitter, the Oscar winner is praised Wearing a white jacket And had a shopping bag while waiting for his girlfriend outside The Lit Bar in New York City. What happened next?

Dozens of fans outside the stadium began to say to Ben: “Hey, Batman” or “You look so cute, Ben!”. At a certain point, the voice of one of the fans is heard They invite him to a bachelor party at the house next door, Ben was only able to respond: “My girl is there.”

For its part, Bronx Diva He was busy inside the premises, where he met with David Solomon, Goldman Sachs, CEO of the financial institution, and Isabel Guzman, executive director of the U.S. Small Business Administration, where they met with businessmen of Latin descent and talked about the impact of the Govt epidemic. – 19 and how they face the consequences of the crisis.

Goldman Sachs and Jennifer Lopez will help the community through a project to help 10,000 Latin American entrepreneurs and their businesses Special focus on the Bronx metropolis, Home to thousands of families of Latin descent. The plan is to provide access to marketing and other tools to strengthen these businesses through a charity called Limitless Labs.

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A day after his red carpet appearance at the Venice International Film Festival. Ben Affleck pushed aside an avid fan approaching Jennifer Lopez. (Source: USA TV)