Jennifer Coolidge: Not just Stifler’s mom.  7 reasons why we love it

For a long time she was an actress with a comedic character who had us laughing in the background. When the series “White Lotus” came out, she finally became a big star. Jennifer Coolidge, who for years was cast as Stifler’s mother from “American Pie,” turns 61 today and has the recognition (and awards!) she always deserves. Hollywood eats from its hand, and we viewers tacitly worship it. But what is the Coolidge phenomenon? Here are 7 reasons why this blonde-haired actress is an American national treasure.

For a long time, she was an actress with a comedic flair that had us laughing in the background. When the series “White Lotus” came out, she finally became a big star. Jennifer Coolidge, who for years was cast as Stifler’s mother from “American Pie,” turns 61 today and has the recognition (and awards!) she always deserves. Hollywood eats from its hand, and we viewers tacitly worship it. But what is the Coolidge phenomenon? Here are 7 reasons why this blonde-haired actress is an American national treasure.

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1. She’s one of the funniest people in Hollywood (and beyond)

Jennifer Coolidge She’s a comedian and knows how to make us laugh, which she’s been doing for years (more on that later). But in real life, she is also funny, which is not always the case. Not only does she have a great sense of humor, but she’s also messy, twisted, ruthless, and swears like a shoemaker. All of this creates a really explosive mix that we can admire in every interview with her.

At this year’s awards ceremony golden balls Coolidge (Awarded for her role Tanya McQuaid W “white lotus”) gave us another reason to love it. When she presented one of the awards, she made the audience laugh to tears, and at the end she said… “And the Oscar goes to.” Sure, this wasn’t really a slip of the tongue, it was a planned part of her (comic) monologue, but This doesn’t make it any less fun. Jennifer makes you laugh out loud and she does it so gracefully.

2. He steals every movie and every show

Jennifer Coolidge began her acting career in 1993, and while she’s consistently landed supporting character roles (usually “dumb blondes” or hot moms) over the years, she’s brazenly stolen every production. In 2013, she said in an interview with The Guardian that “only a smart person can play stupid” and there is no denying that Jennifer is really smart.

Coolidge had long been seen as the archetype of the low-intelligence blonde, but she never played any of her characters stereotypically. She is unparalleled in every role she plays: funny, charismatic, messy, and charming. Self-irony, yet fragile and sympathetic. Comic yet serious, sensitive yet powerful. Sexy and at the same time … like a cartoon character. One hundred percent original.

“Whatever character she plays, she brings an almost patent personality to her roles, combining sex with chaos, arrogance, eccentricity and scandal. It is impossible to describe, but at the same time we sympathize with her” – assesses Coolidge’s magazine “The Advocate”.

Add to that her signature lips, interviewing eyes, and high, hoarse voice, and we get—as American Vice summed it up—”Marilyn Monroe, but created in the 2000s.” Even if “The White Lotus” never happened and Coolidge never showed her full talent, the actress has long been a pop culture icon.

3. She gave us iconic roles that made history

Yes, many of us still relate to Jennifer Coolidge to this day Stifler’s mother. Her role in the popular series opened the door to her career and gave her the popularity she dreamed of. At the same time, it became a curse because the MILF z “American pie” Description of the actress. Later, for years, she landed sexier roles, though she was able to do so much more than that. However, this does not change the fact that Jenine Stifler It is a place of worship.

However, Jennifer Coolidge has a lot of them. in “legally blonde” She played an insecure manicurist who stood up to an abusive partner and said in the movie’s famous line, “I’m taking the dog, you idiot!” Excuse me “two broke girls” (in which she was the brightest role) she played the rebellious Polish neighbor. She was delighted “friends”And “Watchers”And “Promising. Young woman.”And “eternal one”. Each of her many small roles is etched into the viewer’s memory.

In the year 2021, Jennifer Coolidge’s life and career change 180 degrees when she is in the “white lotus” She played Tanya, a troubled woman who wanted to spread her mother’s ashes in Hawaii. She was so perfect that she was the only one of the cast to appear in the (completely separate) second season of the HBO series And Once Again… she broke the system.

She won an Emmy and a Golden Globe for the role Tanya McQuaid This is another iconic character of hers. Today, Jennifer Coolidge is no longer Stifler’s mother. he Tanya from “White Lotus”. However, she still has a lot to do.

4. She’s honest, honest, and always says what she thinks

Jennifer Coolidge is always the same, whether in interviews, walls, or more recently at the Golden Globes, where They accidentally spoiled viewers with the season 2 finale of “The White Lotus.”. She says what she thinks, carelessly throws the dirty word and is painfully honest. It’s not censored, which means sometimes we have no idea if the actress is telling the truth or just joking.

Such was the case in the famous interview in Variety, in which she admitted it Thanks to the role of Stifler’s mother in “American Pie” she stayed in bed for a long time. “I got a lot of benefits from being in this movie. If it wasn’t for the role, I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to sleep with 200 men,” said Coolidge, who isn’t shy about even speaking out loud about her sexuality.

Even though you never know with Jennifer, everyone believed her. In any case, it was not hard to believe, because the actress was then (and still is) incredibly sexy. in On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Coolidge corrected the phrase “Variety”Which made us love her even more.

I said it as a joke, and God you can’t joke in our town. I made a huge mistake when I said, ‘Thank God for this movie, I slept with 200 men,’ or whatever. And I would say that’s true, even though it was exaggerated. In it – she said in her style.

– “American Pie” in a way that opened the door for me to the world of handsome men, – she explained to me, and then spoke of intercourse with the youngest suitors. After a passionate night, I called his mother to ask for a recommendation on … the best hair salon.

5. He is a gay icon

“Gews are trying to kill me” is Tanya’s iconic line from the season 2 finale of “The White Lotus,” but in fact… it’s quite the opposite. Over the course of her career, she has become Jennifer Coolidge gay symbol. He is open about his support for LGBTQ+ community And he worked with several AIDS organizations for years, including the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Aid for AIDS.

“Always happy to help.” This love is mutual. I never knew I was an LGBTQ icon. It was just the people that drew me – we have a lot in common and always remain best friends, and the films I’ve been in have contributed to that as well. “There is nothing more satisfying than being respectful of gays and lesbians, so for me it’s a joy,” she told The Advocate.

The actress added, “I’ve been in Hollywood for a long time, so I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of gay actors. They give me credit and I feel the same way about them because they’ve always been there for me.” And that is unlikely to ever change.

6. He loves animals (especially dogs)

This is the last of Reasons why we love Jennifer Coolidge. The actress loves animals, especially dogs. As an activist, she is also involved in the fight for animal rights. She even adapted Chuya the dog, who was rescued from a meat factory in Korea. And who doesn’t love people who love dogs? This, of course, is a rhetorical question.

7. She’s so kind and just… wonderful

Jennifer Coolidge as well Keanu ReevesShe’s lovable and adorable, which is the ultimate reason why everyone is so crazy about her. She is an even-handed grandmother with whom you would like to talk and laugh or go for a beer. like Hollywood She is also unusually modest and full of humility, which may surprise many. Her look is associated with a confident bombshell, but Jennifer is full of surprises.

In interviews following the success of White Lotus, Coolidge has spoken frankly and without false modesty: she is grateful to have had this opportunity. In an interview with The Advocate, she jokingly mentioned that she is a star today, maybe only because she has a good agent.

“It’s absolutely amazing. I’ve been in Hollywood for a long time and my career has grown thanks to a small group of people, so I’m grateful to them for keeping me in the game. But now, with all this success, I’m really in the game, and it opens up so many opportunities for me to play new roles.” , and working with new actors, and working on new projects.I am so happy, she said.

Coolidge also showed selflessness by saying (sSpoiler for those who haven’t watched “White Lotus” Season 2 yet!) Tanya’s death obviously disappointed her, but there is something good about that. “Now (series creator) Mike White can bring in a whole new cast, a new story, and give a chance to shine with a new cast that people will love.” I’ll go and do something else. I wasn’t expecting a season or two, so it was a big surprise.”

Never change, Jennifer.

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