Jenna Ortega is coming to a cult movie sequel before Wednesday Season 2

Looking forward to a successful return to Netflix in Season 2 Wednesday, Long overdue, Jenna Ortega will be in theaters in September. She will star in the sequel to a cult film directed by Tim Burton.

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We understand well, Wednesday I won’t be back until 2025, at least. The Netflix series was delayed last year due to a writers and cast strike. The respective schedules of the cast and crew required coordination to create a continuation of the adventures of the Addams girl with the Little Onion. Jenna Ortega in particular is very busy. Ever since its appearance in Season 1 of this hit Netflix series, all directors have been chasing it. If only we had seen her inside Scream VI And inside The Miller’s GirlRecently, she is still loyal to one of the directors, Tim Burton Wednesday. The filmmaker offered her a great role in the sequel to her cult 1980s film. Beetle juice. The movie is expected to hit theaters from September 4, 2024.

In Beetlejuice BeetlejuiceJenna Ortega is following in Winona Ryder’s footsteps

Warner Bros. Studios released a new trailer for the chilling title Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, Saturday May 25. We understand that Winona Ryder, played by Lydia Dietz in the film, passes the baton of her fight against Beetlejuice to her daughter Astrid, played by Jenna Ortega. A second is enough to summon a ghost from the dead. And the young woman will soon realize that there is a whole world she will never have access to.

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New actors come in to enhance the original cast Beetle juice

Lay casting original d Beetle juice He has agreed to return for the much-anticipated sequel, along with Tim Burton. For some, this wacky 1988 movie is what started their careers. Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder return to the screen as Delia Dietz, Beetlejuice and Lydia Dietz. But this time, the monster is married to a certain Delores, played by the excellent Monica Bellucci. Willem Dafoe plays a former police officer from the underworld, while Danny DeVito plays a vigilante from the afterlife.

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