Jeanette wants to sing again for her hero

Although her participation has not yet been confirmed (discussions with family are well underway, confirmed), singer Jeanette Reno suggests singing at Guy Laughlor’s funeral on Tuesday, May 3rd. A way to please her partner for the last time.

“They don’t want me to talk …” she laughed.

The artist celebrated his 76th birthday on ThursdayAnd Happy Birthday to the one who sang her last song who considered her her favorite singer.

“When we saw each other, we were always having fun together,” Jeanette Reno said of her recently deceased friend Guy Laughlor. He explained that the death of the famous hockey player he considered a friend shook him.

“Every time I hear someone like Renee Martell, Michael Louvain and now Guy Laflour die, it gets to me because I tell myself I was the last one in that gang,” the singer explained. RegistrationJust hours before the French Republican Legion of Honor was presented.

He has been suffering from ill health for the last few months. But she assures us that she is the best.

“Last year, I’m scared to death,” said one of three hospital stays in recent years. “We’ll think about death. I want to believe that there is. I hope to go to heaven.

A new album in the fall

Instead of being mesmerized by old age (“I do not want to age”, Jubilee began), the singer explains that she finds comfort in the wisdom that comes with age and the fidelity of public sentiment. .

“What makes me so proud is the love of the public, it has never let me down. I see my journey, I come from afar. I have never been so harmonious and balanced. I want to live old, but I do not want to depend on anyone. I am very independent.

At just 76, Jeanette Renault has many more plans and dreams to fulfill. His big comeback will be in the fall with the new album he wants to baptize Between heaven and earth. Four years after its releaseForever, Certified platinum album, this new Opus will be a spiritual aspect and another firm, earth-connected. Piece titled The voice of men is the voice of God According to the main interested party, it is in the line of the best songs. The album includes two duets with internationally acclaimed German singer Vladimir Kourniev.

“Singing is good, it saved my life,” said the singer, who hopes her biography project will soon see the light of day.

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