June 8, 2023


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Jason Momoa will be in DC for years. But like Aquaman?

DC’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will hit theaters this yearHowever, the picture was created prior to the change in DC Studios’ authorities. Given the fate of Henry Cavill, who was ousted from the role of Superman, it’s only natural to ask about Jason Momoi’s future as Aquaman. We know the answer.

Jason Momoa will be staying in DC for many more years

This question was answered by one of the new heads of DC Studios, Peter Safran. He said in an interview with Men’s Health: I intend to work with Jason for many more years. I’d be glad if he stayed in Arthur Curry’s world. However, if/when the opportunity arises, I’ll have another great character to play.

saffron So he left the door open to recast Aquaman and cast Jason Momoy in a different role. This is, of course, reason for the speculation mill that has been going on at the network for months. According to the circulating rumors Jason Momoa may play the character of Lobo in the comic book in the future.

Peter Safran, show producer “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”However, it clearly states that He is pleased with Momoe as Aquaman And his choice of the role is considered one of the best actors in the history of superhero films.

Jason Momoa is not saying goodbye to Aquaman

So Safran spoke in unison with Jason Momoa himself, who spoke in a similar tone to Variety in January.

I will always be Aquaman. No one will take my place. There will be other characters too. I can act in other movies too. I can be fun, wild, and charming – He said.

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Could there be a chance of a double dose of Momoy in the new DC Universe? And in such a case, could Aquaman and Lobo meet in one movie?

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