Jarosław Bieniuk got rid of the souvenir associated with Anna Przybylska.  He has a reason

Anna Przybylska and Jarosław Bieniuk were together for about 13 years, until the birth of three children. The relationship between the actress and the footballer was cut off due to the sudden death of the “Zotopolski” star in 2014, who suffered from pancreatic cancer in the last months of her life. The memory of favorite scenes is still cherished, even now, among others, Biography of Anna PrzybylskaBesides, her family often gives interviews in which she recalls the Marylka Baka series. Soon it will appear in cinemas Documentary “Anya”Which he worked on, among other things Jaroslav Binyuk. The former life partner of the actress after finishing work on production He declared that he chose to take one thing out of the plan for a good purpose.

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Jarosław Bieniuk got rid of the souvenir associated with Anna Przybylska

“Clapperboard” – a device used to make a movie, allowing the identification of subsequent shots of the movie and their possible repetitions (multiplications) as well as synchronization of image and sound. This applause is special and important because it comes from the documentary “Ania” and is up for auction during “The Eleventh Ball with a Heart”.organized by the Hospice Foundation “- said Jaroslaw Penyuk in an Instagram post. In the end he confirmed:

The said charity event took place on Saturday, May 21st. Jarosław Bieniuk’s gesture has influenced many Internet users, especially since Anna Przybylska herself was known for her frequent participation in various social and charitable campaigns..

Photo: Andras Szilagyi / MW Media

Anna Przybylska

Information about the making of a documentary about Anna Przybylska was confirmed by the actress’s family at the beginning of February this year. Then Jaroslaw Penyuk wrote on Instagram:

The trailer for the movie “Ania” uses archival photos and videos of Anna Przybylska, which she took with her children. There are also some quotes from the star that summed up her life and career. TVP is responsible for the production of “Ani”, a The movie’s premiere is scheduled for October 5 this year.

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Text author: Sergius Krulak, journalist at Plejada.pl

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