Jaros³aw Kaczyñski: Abka ¯ stores can also be repurchased.  We are going in this direction

One of the questions read during the visit Jaroslav Kaczynski In Puławy, concern about the possibility of purchasing the processing plant from foreign capital by Poland food group. – If this group gets out and has the resources, sorry to say, now is the time. Because this is the capital, especially the capital in the funds from nearby areas warHe said, at the moment it is running out and you can buy cheap things Kaczynski. – You only need money. I’m afraid the Polish group doesn’t have much money at the moment. I hope this situation will end soon. He added that in general it is not useful for Poland.

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Jarosław Kaczyński: Żabka . stores can be bought back

“Among our tasks, which we have announced, is to reflect the most strategic parts of our economy at the hands of outside capital,” the PiS head added.

– We’ve largely succeeded. And this is still progressing, even if at the moment it is likely that you have already decided that the electric networks of the railways are a large enterprise, and they also have a large electricity transmission network that will be bought back in a very short time. Only from one of the US funds. And the same fund is the owner of abka. You know what abka is. these Shops They may also be replaced. We are moving in this direction – he said. He also stressed that “it is also good for foreign capital to flow into Poland.”

The Żabka retail chain belongs to the CVC Capital Partners fund. According to the fund, he currently has 8 thousand. Stores operated by 7 thousand franchisees. PKP Energetyka has also been a member of CVC Capital Partners since 2015.

Tvn24.pl requested a comment on the words of the President of PiS CVC and Żabka. “The reported statement does not refer to any specific trial with our participation, so we have no reasons to comment on it,” Shapka’s press office told the portal.

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