We get that Marvel films can be tiresome. Now that The Avengers aren’t lingering in the background and the universe is safe, it’s sort of like, “what’s the point of the future releases?” While some are money-spinners, others are original and innovative spins on beloved comic book characters.

Morbius, featuring Jared Leto, falls into this latter category because it’s the first time the acclaimed comic book anti-hero will feature on-screen. This and a couple of other drops of factors have led us to the conclusion that the Morbius movie won’t drain you of your energy. For that, you need to speak to Colin Robinson!

Morbius Follows in Deadpool’s Footsteps

Remember when the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ first hit the box office? Everyone fell in love with the leather-clad anti-hero’s foul language and dark sense of humour. Deadpool’s features were so different from the rest of the Marvel world that the release was a breath of fresh air, and Morbius is expected to have a similar impact. The film has been delayed multiple times, adding to the anticipation. Whether this is accidental or a marketing ploy, it likely won’t harm Morbius’ box office receipts.

The living vampire is a proper villain-stroke-hero. During his initial introduction to fans, he will battle against Matt Smith’s character, Loxias Crown, to prove that he isn’t just a soulless bloodsucker who’s a threat to humanity. In addition, recently released trailers indicate that Morbius could have a showdown with Spider-Man himself, making him the ideal conflicted character that modern theatregoers enjoy.

Morbius should also benefit from the fact that vampire iconography remains a considerable part of popular culture. No matter how many vampire titles hit the silver screen, people eat them up like Nosferatu himself, evidenced not only by the number of current and historic vampire films but supernatural themes in other media.

In iGaming, for instance, the genre continues to engage players, especially where slot games are concerned. Well-renowned online gambling sites such as Casino Lab have games like ‘Immortal Romance’, ‘Brides of Dracula’ and ‘Hunters Moon’ on their ‘Most Popular’ section, indicating that they’re enjoyed by players and receive a lot of traffic. The supernatural genre appears to remain an avid fan favourite across platforms, and in the absence of official franchised games, the classic slots benefit from using the likeness of characters to boost their popularity.

The global iGaming market is valued in the billions, as is Hollywood, and it’s no coincidence that vampire content is at the foundation of their success.

The Multiverse

Ah, the Multiverse. A concept that, at its core, is what Marvel fans are desperate to see, but in practice, is a little complicated. Morbius’ trailer has already confused a few folks by referencing all three variations of Spidey, which is a stretch even for an anti-hero.

Of course, the foundation of the Multiverse means that any scenario is pretty much possible, from the return of the dead in Avengers: Endgame to Deadpool one day teaming up with Marvel characters on a different timeline. Therefore, it’s more exciting for audiences than it is confusing. Do you care how Dr. Strange and Black Panther returned, or did you lose your mind they stepped out of the portal?

Granted, the same level of excitement may not apply to a brand-new character who doesn’t have an established story arc. However, teasing the idea that Jared Leto could pop-up with Tom Holland and Tom Hardy in a battle of Spider-Man, Venom and Morbius are the encouragement people need to go and watch this movie. And if we’re lucky, Blade, everyone’s favourite vampire hunter, may be added to the mix, too.

These factors suggest to us that Morbius will be well worth watching. More than that, it’ll be essential to keep up with the living vampire’s movements since they may well impact the entire Marvel universe.

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