Janusz – a new asteroid in honor of a Polish astronomer working at the Vatican Observatory

Janusz – that was the name of the newly discovered asteroid. It was named in honor of the Polish Jesuit priest Robert Janusz, who currently works at the Vatican Astronomical Observatory. The Vatican Observatory said the other new asteroids were named after two other Jesuits at the observatory and Pope Gregory XIII, with whom he was associated.

The Janusz asteroid has only had the number 565184 so far.

The second was named Johannhagen in honor of Father Johann Hagen (1847-1930), director of the Vatican Observatory, and the third – Stoeger. It commemorates Father Bill Stoeger (1943-2014), cosmologist and theologian.

Asteroid number 560974 is named Ugoboncompagni. This is the name and title of Pope Gregory XIII, who lived in the years 1502-1585. He recommended a reform of the calendar, which is known as the Gregorian calendar, and replaced the Julian calendar. It was also this pope, born Ugo Boncompany, who initiated the work of the papal astronomers.

More than 30 asteroids, or small celestial bodies, have already been named after the Jesuits.

According to the current rules, when a new celestial body is discovered, it is assigned a number first. The only body that gives official names to astronomical objects and structures located on their surfaces is the International Astronomical Union.

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