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Host Janet Barbosa, husband of Magali Medina, , Not only having a romantic relationship with Inno may have been involved with other people on the show, however, he avoided giving the name as he insisted that the truth would be known ‘sooner or later’.

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“We now see who the poisonous woman (Magali Medina) really is, using some professional psychologists (Thomas Anglo) to insult the woman (Rengifo) whom her partner once fell in love with. That sounds very low to me, but let me tell you something … Giuliana is also one (Zambrano’s former partner), but there are many other names. It is known that the notary wants to raise the elbow, it is very happy, and rumor has it that Giuliana will not be the only celebrity. There are a lot of well-known women’s names, ”said the host of ‘America Hoy’.

Do you dare to reveal who it is?

I would not dare to give a name because things will always come to light sooner or later.

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Rodrigo Gonzalez commented that Magali hates ‘Pataclons’ because of her husband Alfredo’s weakness … Do you think so too?

Yes, that’s why he hates beautiful and attractive women. According to her (Medina), the sexy-looking singer is a Pataclana, and she has always had that sadness, and she fell in love just as much as her husband Giuliana fell in love with Rengifo. The relationship was short, it was a terrible love affair. Those in the middle remember Giuliana and Alfredo Zambrano, that is, Magali’s notary, much loved. Talked a lot about that relationship with the circle that we are in Gumbia, she went to his house, they had a good time came to my ears, I clearly remember that he loves her very much. But a trip to Giuliana was pending, where he decided to end the relationship. It lasted a month and a half (relationship), but he (Zambrano) was very attached to it.

Giuliana Rengifo rocked the show after she confirmed she had a relationship with Alfredo Zambrano, the husband of Magali Medina. (Photo: Instagram)

Toms Anglo announces the request

Meanwhile, psychologist Thomas Anglo has announced that he will sue singer Giuliana Rengifo, accusing him of violating himself.

“You have tarnished my name by lying nationally and now I am going to file a defamation suit against you. Corruption always gives ratings, they always increase business, but you are not going to make a scam at my expense. Get ready because I will sue you, ”Anglo said.

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