June 7, 2023


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Jan Holobek: ‘Wielka Woda’ Director Wins Polityka Passport Award 2022

Jan Holobek He obtained a “Polityka” passport to direct the series “Great Water” – a six-episode disaster drama based on the events of the Millennium Flood that hit Wroclaw and its vicinity in 1997. According to the editors, this is “the best Polish series on Netflix so far”.

Karolina Pasternak believes that “there is boundless empathy, honesty and sincerity in how post-transformation reality is re-created, but also post-transformation ‘mentality’ of Polish society”. When asked what “Wielka Woda” is about, I answer: about us ”- adds Tadeusz Sobolewski.

This was Holoubek’s second nomination for the “Polityka” pass in his career. Two years ago, he was nominated for his feature debut “25 Years of Innocence. The Case of Tomasz Komenda”.

Jan Holobek’s competitors were this year Damian Cukor (“Bread and Salt”) and Agnieszka Smoczynska (“The Silent Twins”).

Among the journalists, critics and film nominees artists for this year’s Politica Passport are: Barbara Hollander (“Rzeczpospolita”), Łukasz Maciejewski (Lodz Film School, Interia), Jakub Majmurek (“Krytyka Polityczna”), Karolina Pasternak (Independent Critic), Anita Piotrowska (“Tygodnik Powszechny”), Adriana Prodeus (“KINO”), Tomasz Raczek (“Magazyn Filmowy SFP”), Tadeusz Sobolewski (“Gazeta Wyborcza”), Rafał Syska (National Center for Film Culture), Grażyna (freelance journalist, festival director tu brzigi).

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