Jamie Lee Curtis says goodbye to the cult series.  this is the end!

Ads around the end of a profitable streak should always be treated with caution. This was noted, among other things, by John CarpenterWho openly stated that if he wins something, he will continue to earn. It is also difficult to trust the words of the actors themselves. For example, Andrew Garfield denied his participation in the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. Therefore, in such a situation, you should always take into account that the situation may change. But if nothing changes about Halloween Ends, we won’t see Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. This was mentioned by the actress herself.

“It’s the bittersweet ending for me when it comes to Halloween movies. I’ve made great friends in their plans and collaborated with great artists. Today I finished shooting this movie, which means the end of my involvement in this trilogy” – she wrote on Instagram Jamie Lee Curtis.

“Halloween Ends” is the third installment in a trilogy that includes “Halloween” films from 2018 and beyond. “Halloween kills”.

It should be noted that the character played by Jamie Lee Curtis has already died twice in the previous films of the “Halloween” series. For the first time, Stroud’s death was announced in “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers,” in which her daughter is the protagonist. Later in “Halloween: 20 Years Later,” it was revealed that Laurie had faked her own death. Only to die once and for all in “Halloween: The Return”. Her next return to the role of Laurie was made possible because Halloween 2018 was a direct sequel to the 1978 movie. All subsequent parts of the series were ignored.

The end of the cult series can also be seen in the title of the film Close the Trilogy, which can be translated as “Halloween The End”. However, it seems almost certain that if the movie is a box office success, there will be more sequels to the series in the future. Likely without Jamie Lee Curtis, as with the new releases directed by Rob Zombie. Played as Laurie Strode in it by Scout Taylor-Compton.

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