March 22, 2023


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Jakob B³aszczykowski went to the Wisla Krakow fan and said: "Zagb **** football."

Jakob B³aszczykowski went to the Wisla Krakow fan and said: “Zagb **** football.”

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According to many fans, one of the culprits is the retreat Wisla Krakow he is Jacob BlaszczykowskiFootball player and club owner. The club authorities have wasted a lot of money. The Polish Football Association report shows that Wisla is in the lead Leagues In terms of commission payments to agents. In addition, the club now has to renegotiate the lease of the municipal stadium – so far the club has paid the city 130,000 PLN for the match. Krakowians are also waiting for a lot of changes in the context of sports.

After being relegated from the league, he did not comment on the situation at the club. Only occur before the last round.

– I will bear the consequences of everything that happened. On my behalf, I wanted to apologize to all of you very much for what you must be going through right now. It’s very difficult for me, but I will do everything in my power to get the Vistola back where it belongs. I know it doesn’t look good now, but I know very well that this is ridiculous… – said before match by Jacob’s microphone B³aszczykowski For fans of Wisła Kraków. After these words, he received applause from the fans.

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Błaszczykowski: “I’m sorry” is not enough

Before the match between Wisla Krakow at home and Warta Pozna, Daud Pozczykowski also spoke about Wisla Krakow’s decline.

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We’ve had a lot of conversations and it’s still going on. It wasn’t easy, because it was such a big blow to us. Before the match against Radomiak, we strongly believed that the match against Warta Pozna would be our last chance. We have to think carefully about what to do next. I take full responsibility and apologize to the fans, although I know the word “sorry” is not enough – Jacob Błaszczykowski’s brother admitted, In an interview with the TV channel Canal +.

He also commented on changing the coach and his suggestions Jerzy Brzochek Perhaps he should have replaced Adrian Jolla sooner.

– Now we can wonder what would have happened if we had said goodbye to Coach Jola earlier. Maybe then the team will be on a different physical level. At the hands of coach Jerzy Brzczek, the team played aggressively and aggressively forward. Perhaps an early switch could have saved the team from relegation. However, we can only guess – added Dawid Błaszczykowski.

The match takes place between Wisla Krakow and Warta Pozna. After the first half, the visitors are leading 1-0. The goal in the 29th minute was scored by Miłosz Szczepański.

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Wisla Krakow in trouble

Wisła players will notice the biggest loss when distributing money from TV rights. In the Premier League, “Piazza Guaizda” earned less than 10 million PLN. In the first league, the number will be only 1.5 million. In addition, due to the decline, Wisła will receive less money for a high position in the Pro Junior System rating. It’s safe to assume the club will have to sell a few football playersto tighten the budget. journalist Anthony Bartom writes that the cuts will apply not only to the first team, but also to other departments of the club, including the academy.

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