Jai Du Koil breaks out of the double occupancy

Lady Bugail puts on her pearl necklace. Captain Twist hangs his cape with twists. Yes, Jai Du Koil is officially leaving Dual career After six years at the helm of the reality show Cupidon de Nuovo, I learned.

The multi-haircut host will make the announcement Sunday evening during the finale of the Martinique segment.Dual careerIt comes directly from the decoration Week of 4 Jules, in Varenn. “It’s not an easy decision. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s final and want to live this day with the team,” Jay du Temple said. Pres.

According to my sources, Dual career Jai du Kovil’s departure and the storm of intimidation will be weathered and the romantic reality TV will return to Nuovo’s schedule at a yet-to-be-determined date.

It would have been a shame for this popular franchise to end on a false note, which in no way represents the previous five editions.

Reached Friday, producer Julie Snyder would neither confirm nor deny the renewalOD By 2023. “We’ll have to see program Sunday night to find out,” she replies.

Jai Du Koil will also host the final The moment of truthOn Monday he will record – without the three toxic candidates, of course – for a broadcast scheduled for Sunday, December 4, still on Nuovo’s channel.

Controversy over the inappropriate behavior of three amigos and the escape of sponsors didn’t push 31-year-old Jay du Quail towards the exit door. In early August, the mustachioed host informed Julie Snyder that Martinique would be leaving her job after the season.

“He called me after my birthday on August 6. He wanted to inform us that we would have time to think about what to do next. For Jay, OD A part of his life, it was a family for him. But after six years, she wanted to devote herself to her projects, including a return to the stage,” explains Julie Synder in an interview.

Before the first episode airedOD Martinique In September, bosses at Nuovo’s owner, Bell Media, learned that Jay du Koil would be leaving.OD. “Jay practices a lot. He does ultramarathons and wants to rediscover it all and resume the normal rhythm of life,” says Julie Snyder.

Bali, Greece, South Africa, Saint-Jean-de-Matha (OD with us), Whistler (OD in the west) and Martinique, Jay du Couil has been warm for six yearsDual career.

Throughout the episodes, Jai Du Koil injects a lot of humor and self-mockery into his animation.ODIt made the audience complicit in everything that was crawling behind the scenes.

As determined and capable as she is flexible, she is engaging, funny, bold, warm and passionate about her work OD in the west He also received a Gemini Award in September – well deserved.

Julie Snyder agrees 100%. “Jay has created an original and unique style of animation that he has shaped over the seasonsOD. It will definitely be a school,” he says.

At the helm of a popular youth show, Jay du Koil wore pearls, glittery jewelry and long dresses, she dyed her hair a rainbow of colors, and she casually wore nail polish at home.

Whether we find it very beautiful or at worst ugly, the host is brave and breaks many barriers along the way.

It is thought that Jai du Koil almost never earned the title of helmsmanDual Occupancy Poly In 2017, at the time, V Channel (formerly Nuovo) and Julie Snyder’s Productions J were looking for a big star for their reboot. OD After its first incarnation on TVA. “Stéphane Rousseau turned down the offer, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge turned it down,” recalls Julie Snyder.

It was during the auditions of the show’s collaborators OD+ live, who played on MusiquePlus, spotted the comedian in a Julie Snyder hat — which, remember, was fashionable in 2017. And five years ago, besides Fans of G-code And F-code In Vrak, the public knows little about this 25-year-old bearded man. Like me! At Tele-Quebec.

The network hesitated, and Julie Snyder went to the Chez Maurice bar in Saint-Lazare, where Jay du Couil was hosting a comedy evening. “I thought it was really good,” Julie Snyder recalls. The deal is signed and you know the rest.

Now, the hunt is on for the next Captain Bouncing – or the future Lady Bisbill. Since its launch in 2003, no woman has taken the reins. The chosen person should not copy Jai Du Koil’s style. That would be a mess. And not everyone can wear a “crop top” that easily.

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