April 1, 2023


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Jacob Brokanen died. His story moved the whole country

“We have received very sad news. Our captain and greatest warrior, Jakub Brokanen, has passed away.” Swinger “We will never forget you. Rest in peace. My condolences to all the family” – the message of this content appeared Thursday morning in the club’s social media from jasla.

We wrote about Jakub Procanin on Eurosport.pl at the end of 2019, when his story Vital Heinen, who was then head coach of the Whites and Reds, was announced.

The Belgian coach then announced that he would give the medal for second place in the World Cup to “a specific man” whose story would touch him the most.

He wrote on Twitter: “It’s not the money that decides who gets it, but the story of a specific person – you, your friend, a family member – who this medal will stay with…”.

Medal from Heinen

Hundreds of submissions were submitted for a kind of Heynen referendum, but he didn’t think long about choosing this one story.

He chose a young volleyball player who did not give up his great passion even after the amputation of his hand, which was taken from him by the disease. Brokanen was known for playing one-handed matches.

“Today I had a great honor! I received the silver medal in the World Cup from the coach of the Polish national volleyball team, Vital Heinen! The meeting was very nice. Energetic, nice guy. Thank you!” The brocanines celebrated afterwards.

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A severed hand bought me extra years.

The volleyball player has been suffering from synovial sarcoma for years.

He managed to hit him once, but, as he described it, “it turned out to be just the first set.” In 2019, the cancer returned, and the struggle for health and life began again. He ran a fundraiser for specialized treatment, which was supposed to save his hand from amputation, but the cancer turned out to be stronger. “I lost this set, but I’m still in the game and still dreaming,” he wrote, asking for support.

Fight till the end.

“For a severed hand, I bought myself extra years to spend in this world. Romantic moments with my beloved girl, sports emotions on the volleyball court, joy in the eyes of my loved ones because I am still here and I am not going anywhere.”

Jacob Brokanen was 26 years old.

Author: loot/TG
Source: Eurosport.pl, MKS Gamrat-MOSiR Jasło