Jackowski's shocking clairvoyant in the last prophecy!  In the end he felt something perfect

Author: Krzysztof Jackowski, YouTube
Jackowski’s shocking clairvoyant in his last vision! In the end he felt something perfect

Jakovsky, the clairvoyant, saw in his last vision of the future, as he himself said, something optimistic. What awaits us? After successive waves of the pandemic and war on our eastern frontier, will something positive happen to us? What did Krzysztof Jakovsky, the clairvoyant from Chuchov, mean? Read the prophecy.

Krzysztof Jakovsky In his live broadcast on his YouTube channel, he shares his vision for the future with his fans. During such meetings Jackowsk clairvoyantIt tells us how you feel about future events. Thousands of people listen to his latest predictions. During the last recording clairvoyant jakovsky He admitted that he finally felt something optimistic. what is going on? What did the most famous Polish clairvoyant see in his vision? Not many will believe the words Krzysztof JakovskyHowever, there are also those who constantly follow his predictions. You can find the latest one below.

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Jackowski’s shocking clairvoyant in his last vision! In the end he felt something perfect

I made an exception and tried to focus during the day – he started his last vision of the future Jakovsky clairvoyant. – I got such a weird energy boost after the evening event. I will say this at the beginning. My wife and I were invited to our friends for dinner. We got a little late there. We sat at the table, the host, his wife and two daughters, my wife and I. I was sitting next to my eldest daughter, who is a teenager, and at one point this friend at the table said, “My daughter Krzysztof decided to go to school as a profession. Can you feel anything?” I looked at her like this and said, “She will have a career in uniform.” There was such horror, but no one answered him, neither this daughter, nor the host, nor his wife. I thought maybe what I said slip. We left this thread and had a great evening. More so, in the middle of the night, my wife and I were going home, driving in front of the garage, it took maybe five minutes, we live close to each other and this friend calls me and says, ‘Krzysztof, I have to explain something to you. Because I’m against it,’ I don’t want her to learn in this professional field.” – clairvoyant Jakosky said In his live coverage he asked which direction the friend’s daughter had chosen. – “You were right. She wants to be a policeman.” Jakovsky clairvoyant. – You thought what? I looked at her and this uniform. People can read. Everything can be read. Let me tell you that today I am approaching the vision with more boldness, what I shall do in a little while. Something optimistic and I need to explain, bot or very important. What I felt so much today, I’m going to tell you during the broadcast, because I’m going to follow the vision now and hope it relates to that sense. Finally, after more than two years, I’m feeling a bit optimistic. He is not as optimistic as you can imagine. I’ll tell about it during this broadcast – announce Jakovsky clairvoyant. – It is very important what I want to tell you because it may be a complete change of events. I myself am amazed at what you are associated with today. Complete change of events happening now. And also the important hope that there will finally be some salvation for us. – The clairvoyant Jakovsky, after a moment of concentration, said to his listeners: – Or perhaps I will begin with this: the world is preparing to face what has been going on for two years. You know, I tell you that the situation that lasted with the plague for two years, and the situation now, is the same sequence of events. There are only other events in the sense of those that are spoken of, those that we fear, but this is a continuation of them. Today I had the strong impression that at least a few countries, including European countries, would begin to rebel against what had been going on for more than two years. I do not know what these countries will be. Remind me that these countries do not border each other. They are selective countries. Let’s say if in Europe they could be Hungarian, French and German. They do not have to be these countries, but they will be selective countries and these countries will not necessarily only be from Europe – he said Jakovsky clairvoyant.

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The last prophecy of the clairvoyant Jakovsky

– I have a feeling that one country, perhaps two countries, will set off, where a protest will arise, but not the people, but the politicians themselves, the governments of these same countries will begin to expose the whole situation. It would seem strange that democracies would do it. This one or two countries will be followed by other countries, realizing that this nonsense is enough. I realize how many of you may not understand this feeling and what I am saying. Because how can you call what is happening in Ukraine now nonsense? It happens. I have been talking about everything that has been happening for more than two years in most parts of the world. Certain nations will rebel, and though they have participated in everything that has happened before, they will begin to throw off these robes. It’s hard to say what will happen in this situation, but I had the impression that these countries would be criticized in the media at first. There will be talk of bad faith in these countries, but this revolution may spread to such an extent that it cannot be said in this way. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an optimist, because it will relate to our mental and physical security. This is very important for us, because many of us, after more than two years, are mentally limited in such a way that we are not able to objectively assess the situation, but we just stream everything. So yeah: Wait, which was the main reason for our thinking and our fears and every panic. Likewise, at the moment, the situation is happening outside our eastern borders. That’s right, but this is the flow of information that’s been flowing to us every day for a long time, and the information is also flowing to us from the world that there may be worse threats, plus the fact that there’s more and more talk about the possibility of sewing genocidal weapons, so I think that This is flowing information, telling us in advance something important and dangerous, for us – he said in his last prophecy Jakovsky clairvoyant.

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Do you believe in the predictions of the fortune teller Jakosky?

The fortuneteller saw in his vision a deserted part of Poland

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Clairvoyant Jakosky, Przemyslav Lewiki
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Clairvoyant Jakosky, Przemyslav Lewiki

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