March 22, 2023


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It's not Photoshop!  The sun is laughing at us

It’s not Photoshop! The sun is laughing at us

They said don’t look at the sun.. it might damage your eyesight.. they said now we know the real reason behind these “prohibitions” – they didn’t want us to see the real picture of the star! And in all seriousness, NASA just shared Unique image of the Sun by Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).

The satellite was launched into space in 2010 for knowledge Sources and Structures of the Star’s Magnetic Field And the Understand the processes of converting magnetic field energy into solar radiationand solar wind and active particles.

The sun looks like this Huge smiling emoticon And you might think it’s the result of the work of a talented graphic artist, but nothing could be further from the truth. As NASA argues, everything has its own scientific explanation – the dark spots that make up the “eyes” and “lips” are nothing but Coronal holes seen under ultraviolet light. These are regions associated with “open” magnetic field lines, discovered by Max Waldemir in the 1950s, where the fast solar wind blasts through space.

As you can easily guess, however, Internet users do not miss such opportunities, and on Twitter, comments immediately appeared that the sun … just happy for the upcoming Halloween, because Looks like a big pumpkin!

Some users also pointed out that the star He already has his costume ready because he looks like Mr. Stay Buffetwhich is the clumsy foam monster from Ghostbusters and there is something!

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