It’s impressive in the Black Shark 4S Pro!  120W, AMOLED 144Hz and the best sound

Did I already say that the Black Shark 4S Pro will be better than it looks? It turns out that the main game will receive a complete package of powerful components and the best sound according to DxOMark.

The scene before the premiere tomorrow Black Shark 4S Pro (i Black Shark 4S) Just warming up. We have learned the basic information about the gaming smartphone and know that you cannot pass by it carelessly.

What’s so interesting about the Black Shark 4S Pro?

Efficient performance but who would expect The best sound in a smartphone like Black Shark 4S Pro? Maybe just a fan of the predecessor, because the Black Shark 4 Pro also claimed the title of a phone that looks great. The 4S Pro version should be better.

According to pre-release information, tomorrow Black Shark 4S Pro will be in the first place in the ranking of the best music smartphones by DxOMark. Gamers should be pleased with the stereo sound and the quality of the noise-canceling microphones – and that means the BS 4S Pro has a chance to surpass the ranks of the top flagships.

The gaming model will be a hero on the other hand – it will be on board 120 watt battery. This standard is honey to the ears of ManiaK people who regularly forget to charge their phones before an important event. With a power source of this class, it will take five minutes to restore 50% of the power.

The icing on the Black Shark 4S Pro cake will be the excellent performance of the Snapdragon 888+, up to 16 GB of RAM and algorithms that use 100% RAM and flash memory. There is something to wait for.


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