It's hot on the other side of the stairs in Indian Wells.  What can Iga wait for?

Ranked No. 5, Padusa beat Wironika Kudemirmetwa of Russia 6:3, 6:2, while Kazakhstan representative Jelena Rybakina played 7:5, 6:4, with Skari the sixth. Now players from southern Europe will meet each other in the semi-finals, and one of them will fight in the last match of the tournament with the winner of the match Świątek – Halep. It will take place at 2 am from Friday to Saturday, Poland time. Then Iga will watch – if she wins – what happens next. This is where the major decisions will be made.

We remember tears and games

Who would your Shefetek prefer to face in the most important match of the tournament, assuming to win with a Romanian woman? To date, Raczynka has had complex meetings with both tennis players. It was not the path of roses. Padusa beat her in the Tokyo Olympics, and after this match I hugged her because the tennis player was crying. This rivalry ended tragically – after the victory over the pole, the tennis player from Płw. The Iberian city sank shortly afterwards due to the heat. I got off the field in a wheelchair.

This is the Indian Wells women’s semi-final formation

With Al Saqari, our tennis player has a negative score of 1-3, but she managed to win the last match – recently in Doha in Qatar -. However, it was not an easy duel. In both sets, Hellas was ahead with the breakout advantage, but Iga made up for the loss and put her way into the semi-finals.

Feature, but it’s not completely secure

All tennis players rank very high in the default WTA rankings. So the implementation that will be in effect from Monday and still for now is changing depending on what they offer, how they win and when individual players are disqualified. Before the following matches, Iga Świątek is second (behind Ashleigh Barty) and has 5,166 points. Behind her are two tennis players who no longer compete: Barbora Krejsikova 5073 points and Arina Sabalenka 4862. Sakari is in fifth place – 4825 points, and Bados in sixth – 4790. What does this mean for Ega?

Complete security if you don’t win the Greek Championship nor Padusa. Even if Poland fail to face Halep, Maria or Paula will have either 5085 (first) or 5050 (last) after reaching the final. Not enough to threaten a Polish woman. To get ahead of them, they must consider the success of the entire event. If Iga wins the semi-finals, only Scary has a chance to overtake her in the standings and become second on the WTA list.

Watch the summary of the quarter-finals Maria Scari – Jelena Rybakina. Greek women had nerves of steel!

A bit harsh, like Sharapova

So it’s a little more serious right now, although stylistically, they’re both a threat to Christmas. Greek women are athletic and not afraid of the top spin in the IGA. She showed class in the confrontation with Rybakina, resisting the attacks of the Kazakh representative who hit hard.

The Spanish defender, on the other hand, has great reach and, although a bit rugged like Maria Sharapova, can also control the pace well. So it is difficult to say who will play our young hero better. She recently won with Padusa in the WTA Finals in Guadalajara, but then the last game of the group was all about parsley.

11 wins at Indian Wells

Paula is playing Indian Wells with great confidence this season. She may not have weapons like Iga in her hands, and she may not have won that effectively, but she hasn’t lost a set en route to the semi-finals. If she had won the semi-final against Scary, she would have started a potential match against Iga after 11 consecutive victories at that venue. He won nearly two tournaments in less than six months. It should be remembered that the previous edition of the BNP Paribas Open in California took place in October.

Padusa was in a great mood after the quarter-finals!

It is served by the desert climate as it has not done well anywhere else. At the Australian Open, she reached the fourth round, and in the events in the Persian Gulf, she won only one match to her credit. No tennis player could count on some big shots these days. However, after it reached the United States, it was revived. She hasn’t worked out with Kudiermietowa yet, but here she won after three straight defeats with the Russian who plays today under a neutral flag. Use the place you like. I once played with Scary – at the Masters in Mexico. She won 7:6 (4), 6:4. But then maybe the result was completely different…

Anything can happen now. Iga – if he beat Halep earlier – will be watching this match behind the scenes. By pedaling a bike or stretching out after a meeting and staring at the TV out of the corner of my eye. In general, he knows that it will be difficult and uncomfortable anyway. Both Skari and Padusa are tennis players with whom the competition will always be complicated.


Indian wells. WTA 1000 Championship (total prizes $8.6 million)



Maria Skari (Greece 6) beat Jelena Rybakina (Kazakhstan 17) 7-5, 6-4

Paula Padusa (Spain, 5) won by Veronica Kodermitua (Russia, 21), 6-3, 6-2.

Watch the summary of the Bados – Kudiermietowa match. Defending the title does not release her hand!


Iga Šwiecek (Poland 3) – Madison Keys (US 25) 6-1, 6-0.

Simona Halep (Romania 24) beat Petra Martic (Croatia) 6-1, 6-1

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