May 28, 2023


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It’s hard for Annie. “Can you imagine Messi’s wife acting like this?”

Getty Images / Eric Alonso / WP SportoweFakty / Anna Klepacko / In the photo: Anna Lewandowska, in the small: Bogusław Leśnodorski


I highly value Lewy as an athlete,” Boguslaw Lenodorski, former owner of Legia Warszawa, told Sportowy. Later, he unexpectedly focused on Robert Lewandowski’s wife, Anna. These were not flattering words.

Boguslav Lenodorsky was a guest on the “Football and Rest” program on the Sports Channel. During the conversation, a question was asked about Cezary Kucharski’s recent interview (about “Przegląd Sportowy, more here >>), in which he criticized football agent Robert Lewandowski. The guys have worked together for years, but now they are in conflict.

– I haven’t read it, but I know Caesar and it’s hard, I had a lot of trouble working with him, – Lenodorsky began. I have great respect for Leo as an athlete. I think he did a lot. But many things are so weak that they do not fit in the head, – added the former president and owner of Legia Warszawa.

With such an introduction, he only aroused the curiosity of his interlocutors – Przemyslav Rudzki and Arik Setars. In an instant, Lenodorsky unexpectedly focused on Anna Lewandowska, the wife of a Barcelona player.

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– You are the wife of the best striker in the world and the only thing you fight for is to be on TV with the bag you brought to the match. Well, shame. That’s easy, I don’t want to talk anymore. I can list many things. This does not result from my inner knowledge, but from observing what is happening – Leśnodorski fired.

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Then he compared Lewandowska with Antonella Roccuzzo, the wife of Lionel Messi.

Can you imagine Messi’s wife acting like this? asked the program host. – Have you seen Messi’s wife with a picture with a handbag? Now you can compare why this guy is the best player in the world and knocking us out early in the World Cup because everyone there is thinking of something else. “

Boguslaw Leśnodorski was the president of Legia Warszawa in 2012-2017, and the owner of the capital club in 2014-2017. Later, he was a member of the Supervisory Board of Motor Lublin.

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