It’s called Solar54 and it’s built in Argentina.  This is the planet Mars on Earth

Mars is a barren desert today, but once upon a time it was meant to resemble the life-giving land, where various kinds of biological organisms flourished. However, this planet may once again become home to various forms of life. Such plans have, for example, Elon Musk and NASA.

Mars turned into a second Earth It will take thousands of years, but it is not an impossible task. The red planet must become our security in the event of a global catastrophe that may cause an asteroid strike. We cannot allow the achievements of mankind to turn to dust.

Therefore, preparations for the trial must be made now colonization of mars. Scientists have decided to build the first advanced Martian colony on our planet so far. It will be called Solar54 and will be built in the desert of the Los Colorados Reserve in Argentina. It is located 100 kilometers from La Rioja and 1000 kilometers from Buenos Aires.

Various experiments involving human volunteers will be conducted at the base. All the accumulated knowledge will be used to prepare a comprehensive plan for the journey to Mars and its colonization. Scientists will check how astronauts cope mentally on a long journey to this planet, and whether they will be able to do so To grow plants in special greenhouses and whether this infrastructure will be ideal for reconstruction on Mars.

The Mars base on Earth Solar54 will consist of six modules, which will include laboratories, gardens, bedrooms, gyms and rest areas. So the facility must be environmentally friendly The energy that fuels it comes directly from the sun. Interestingly, the astronaut’s feces will be used in the process of growing food, and the water in the urine will be purified and reused.

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