June 3, 2023


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“It’s a shock.” They showed how the Russians behave at Soledar – O2

The video, posted on social media, was recorded near Soledar in the Donetsk region, where the fiercest fighting is currently taking place. This is another proof of how Russians treat their colleagues, and a refutation of the well-known slogan in Russian propaganda: “We do not leave our slogan.”

They left behind the body of the soldier

The recording from the Ukrainian drone shows the effective air strike of this country’s armed forces on Russian positions. One of the invaders was wounded, but apparently alive, though he needed medical attention.

A short time later, other soldiers with emergency stretchers appeared next to him. However, instead of taking quick action that could save his life, they calmly look at what is happening around him. And after a while they tried to “wake him up” to no avail.

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The Ukrainian could not believe it

Perhaps, after a short time, the Russians decided that the soldier could no longer be saved and … calmly left with a stretcher. “Let’s go” – the Ukrainian soldier who sarcastically commented on the entire recording.

The Ukrainian cannot believe that the soldiers simply leave their comrade’s body on the battle line without trying to fight for his life. “It’s a shock,” he says. He concludes, “The show is over.”

Fighting for Suedar

However, it later reported that by the end of January 16, Ukrainian forces had most likely withdrawn from the town of Soledar in Donbass, Leaving them under the control of the Russian forces and the mercenaries of the Wagner Group, it is likely that the Ukrainian forces would have established new defensive lines to the west of it.

The Russian advance at Suedar consisted mainly of Wagner’s forces and was a supporting operation intended to allow the eventual encirclement of the larger city of Bakhmut. She added that one of Ukraine’s two main supply routes to Bakhmut was now under increasing pressure.